Driving Whilst Banned

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wullybaxter | 21:37 Sun 12th Apr 2015 | Law
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I have been told that if you loose your drivers licence you can still drive agricultural tractors on the public roads by showing Learner plates on the tractor


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Don't think so, a ban is a ban. You can drive what you like on private property but not on the highway.
It's an urban myth.

As well as the L plates you need a provisional licence - which you can't have ... because you are disqualified
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The question of holding or obtaining a licence is not the issue. Even if you did, by some surreptitious means, manage to obtain a licence, you are still not allowed to drive.

When you are disqualified from driving you will be told by the Magistrate (or District judge if the court is presided over by one on that day) that “ must not drive any mechanically propelled vehicle on any road or other public place for the duration of your disqualification.”

This is quite a straightforward instruction and an agricultural tractor falls within the definition of a mechanically propelled vehicle.
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Driving Whilst Banned

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