Installation Of Smoke Heads In Lift Shafts

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CharlieJack | 16:01 Sat 28th Mar 2015 | Law
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I'm advised that when a smoke detector is installed to the top of the shaft a fire engineer would step onto the top of the car of a passenger lift which is then moved up by the lift engineer. There is no indicaton of safety harness / anchor points / or control measures ofr the risk of crushing. I'm told this practice of instaaltion is usual but I am not so sure.
The RAMS from the lift company on the other hand are very good and covers the above but the fire company's RaMS are very weak. Does anyone have any H&S experience with this. I think a permit to work is appropriate but would I get the contractor to raise it or should I? I appreciate ny advice, thanks in anticpation.


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Installation Of Smoke Heads In Lift Shafts

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