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dylanfanatic | 15:15 Tue 10th Feb 2015 | Law
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I live in sheltered housing comprising 29 flats. We have secure door entry in place whereby visitors enter a specific flat number on a key pad at the main entrance, and the occupant (if in) then answers via an intercom system and asks the caller to state their name and business, obviously if the caller is a friend the resident then opens the door electronically from within their own flat. Today (10/02/2015) I was attending a hospital appointment at 9-10am, and arrived home at 11-30am. There was a card posted through my letter box from T.V. licencing saying they had called. The caller's I.D number was on the card. I phoned my housing association and said that since I was out, how as this person gained access to my flat door? Another resident has obviously seen them at the main entrance and given them access. The local co - ordinator for the block has repeatedly told residents NOT to allow access to anyone not known to them. What action can I take please? Thanks BOb


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None because you dont know exactly how they got in. They may have been let in to a different flat legitimately and then made their way to your flat possibly? Also the local co-ordinator telling residents not to allow access is not legally binding on them to obey. Other than put a card through your door they havent really done anything that has harmed you have they.
I often deliver papers to sheltered housing. I always call the manager.
You can only ask your neighbours not to do it - we have security on the door and always take in parcels etc when someone is out after checking their credentials and reasons for attending.
you could pay the TV licence!
I dont want to be a kill-joy
but this isnt a matter of law

it is more a matter of how your sheltered housing works ( or doesnt )

someone has got in who shouldnt have

[ hasnt anyone heard of loitering around until someone comes along and then tail-gating ? )

and after the fact I dont see that you can do much to be honest
Like I said...most of these systems have an option to call the manager. You can set up code words. Management have never just buzzed me in.

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