Two Cafes Same Name

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ivor4781 | 15:55 Sat 03rd Jan 2015 | Law
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there is a "coffee time" in our town and there's a big chain in the usa called "coffee time" is this legal even though there 3000 miles + apart


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these two cafes are not linked by the way in anyway
I think it may depend on whether the USA one has trademarked their name.
If BIG Coffee Time doesn't own the trade name `Coffee Time' then all the other shops of the same name are safe to trade.

There's a bigger Coffee Time in Canada...
Judging by the case in this link, it seems to depend on how much fuss, if any, the USA chain wants to make about it. If they don't know about the UK one, there might not be any trouble. But, if they do, well...
Gordon Ramsey is getting his knickers in a twist over this restaurant.
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the one in my town is independent
I have seen biscuits called 'coffee time' I do not think the name is trade markable. to widely used already.
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Two Cafes Same Name

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