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jelly baby | 14:15 Wed 08th Oct 2014 | Law
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I researched breast augmentation from various cosmetic surgery groups for over 3 years prior to my operation. I had initial consultations from 4 different places, one of those being ‘********' medical group. I made my decision to have the procedure carried out by this group based on the fact they gave me complete piece of mind, that if I was to have any complications, I would be able to come back based on an ‘open referral’. I decided this would be the best option for me (rather than cutting corners and looking for cheaper options such as having surgery abroad), as I would be covered for every eventuality and felt that my health would be in much safer hands.

I was told the implants have a 15-20 year life span, however, it now seems evident from several professionals that they apparently need replacing after 10 years. This is not something I was made aware of at the time of surgery, and had I have known this I would have been making financial preparations in order to replace them. I understand that the clinic may not have been aware of what was going on at the time of the PIP scandal. However, I still invested my time, money and trust in a well known cosmetic group for that piece of mind, assuming that they would have complete insurance cover for situations like this.

At the time of the PIP implant revelation, I went back to the clinic and was abruptly told to sign on the dotted line to pay £2000 for removal and replacement. The sales rep. refused to answer any other questions and I was told to sit outside and wait in the queue to have a checkup with the surgeon. Although I insisted to her I was not here to pay for a second operation, she still gave me a list of possible operation dates. This distressed me as I felt my concerns were being disregarded.

Since, that day I have been involved in a group case claiming against several cosmetic surgery groups for all defendants involved. The case has been dragging on now for nearly two years and I receive letters on regular basis of various appeals, delays, and new findings causing the case to drag on further.

In the meantime I have irritation, burning and itchiness in my breast area. I have had to have frequent scans to keep a check on the implants. All scans show the implants are as yet, still intact, however, the symptoms have been related to potential chemical bleeding associated with implants of this age.
Until now I also had never been made aware that this may happen. I’m not entirely sure whether this is related to the PIP’s only, or whether this is typical of all kind’s of implants. However, I have been told they need to come out in the very near future.

It has also been made evident that the group did not have any kind of medical cover insurance policy in place at the time of my operation (2004) but only between 2007-2011 and are now informing us that the policy will not pay out.

I have been told that the NHS will remove but not replace the implants, which I completely understand. Although I am beside myself with worry about the possible chemical bleeding and the symptoms I am regularly experiencing, I do not have the money to replace the implants. Without a replacement, a removal is not possible as I am a self employed model and performer. ALL my work is based on my measurements, particularly for fitting modelling. I have to adhere to a 1cm size change in either direction.
All my clients use me because of my look, height and measurements. So unfortunately, if I was to have the implants removed it could have drastic consequences on my income and further employment in modelling.
Added to this, if I am fortunate enough to be able to have the implants replaced I must take 6 weeks time out of work. Being self employed, and having spent 10 years building up my regular client base this could also have drastic consequences. to be continued


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That is how it is I'm afraid if the place you had them done is no longer trading you can have them out by nhs only if you go private and have replacement it could cost up to 8000 the whole responsibility has been put back on to the individual they are not interested

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Pip Breast Implants

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