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pollyp00 | 01:07 Sat 24th Aug 2013 | Law
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hi there my mates grandfather had 2 executors for his will both brother and sister who couldn't stand each other for at least 25 yrs. but now best of friends and were also beneficiaries along with my mother who I now have power of attorney over, my grandfathers will was dealt with a reputable solicitor but the executors took it out of the solicitors hand and dealt with it themselves, for a long time they would not show us a copy of the will, I have always said the will has been tampered with, I asked my grandfathers solicitor for a true copy of the will but they said they have no more involvement in it so I took legal advice from another solicitor who contacted both the executors for the accounts of my grandfathers estate which when received were hand written, and my opinion anyone can add up to a final figure of there choice, my grandfathers estate consisted of a 3 bedroom house in a nice area and money in the bank, my grandfather also inherited from his brother 2 years before he passed away and his brothers estate consisted of a 3 bedroom house in the same area and money in the bank and only 3 beneficiaries, there was no mention of this in there hand written accounts, no inheritance tax was paid I was wondering is there anyone in probate or inheritance tax that would look into this as I think it would have gone over and would have had to pay tax, I have spent a considerable amount of money dealing with a solicitor about this and he seems quite happy with the hand written accounts, but I don't feel this can be right, I know what one of the executors is capable of in my opinion,
Thank you very much for reading this and look forward to your response and appreciate any advice


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Why don't you try going to another solicitor if you don't believe the first one?
..also - is this about you, or your mate?
There is nothing wrong, per se with handwritten accounts.

I would suggest you obtain a copy of the Will and a copy of the Grant of Representation from the Probate Registry. You can write to the Postal Searches Department at Leeds - details here:-

Once you have obtained the copy Grant it will say what the gross estate was (ie total of all assets) and what the net estate was (ie assets minus liabilities). See if what is said on the accounts tallies or differs significantly. If it differs significantly, you should ask further questions.
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Thank you to both boxtops and barmaid for your replies, the question was for my mate as doesn't have a computer the now I will pass what you said on to him many thanks

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Regarding A Will

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