What Constitutes A Quorum?

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susanxx | 20:03 Fri 23rd Aug 2013 | Law
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A committee has 7 members but at the first meet only 4 turn up. A vice chair has to be elected, can this be done?


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A quorum is "a minimum number of persons necessary for transaction of business in any body", which would have to be defined in the committee's by-laws.
According to the Wiki: "In the absence of such a provision in the bylaws of a society or assembly, what constitutes a quorum differs. Robert's Rules provides that in such a case, a quorum in an assembly "whose real membership can be accurately determined at any time—that is, in a body having an enrolled membership composed only of persons who maintain their status as members in a prescribed manner—the quorum is a majority of the entire membership, by the common parliamentary law."
You have to look at the committee's terms and conditions

It should be defined

However if the four are unanimous you may have a point.

You should also have rules for elections.

The Royal College of Paeds could only elect a prez in March. When one died in office in June they were unable to transact business for the rest of the year.

The Royal College of Surgeons had a pres with terminal ca who wouldnt resign and was too ill to be Prez.....

Royal College of Anaesthetists - had to elect at the first meeting in March at 9 am. Of the 21 councillors, 11 were delayed by late trains....
and were excluded by their involuntary absence.
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Thanks guys, but I'm more confused than before I asked the question!!
is this a hypothetical situation or an actual committee? Does the committee have written bylaws?
I think what they're saying is...look at your committees constitution. There's no 'one rule suits all'.
yes we are Zacs

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What Constitutes A Quorum?

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