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homedeeth | 16:39 Fri 23rd Aug 2013 | Law
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Is it illegal to throw away mail that has arrived for tenents that don't live at the address anymore?


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Just bung it back in the post box with Not Known At This Address written on it, that way companies can remove it from their mailing lists. If you just lob it, you'll keep getting it.
I usually put them back in the post box with a note on the envelope "no longer at this address" Let the PO deal with it.
You can RTS it - return to sender
but do you have a duty to do so ?
Hmmm I'll wait for someone who knows

An employer opened union addressed mail and said he was allowed to do so. The post office I recollect were completely uninterested in what happened after something had been delivered. - it was not interfering with communications in the course of delivery.

and RTSing something doesnt take care of CCJs - so the bailiffs will be around if you RTS it.

In 1979 yes babies my first house, I loyally sent on everything until the last owner sent back a utility bill that threatened to cut me off. After that I opened everything and kept it. Then he said a letter with a cheque in it has been sent to the address. Which was kinda odd because I had opened everything and would have remembered a cheque....not to me
and so I said cancel and resend the cheque
and he said are you opening my letters ?

and you have to be sure they are not utility letters claiming arrears

ho hum those were the days.....

Bear in mind if the hosue is relet and there are kids you have no idea who is opening the letters, after all it might be their little frenz.......
What they said ^^^
Old Geezer may be having a senior moment there....
When I moved home about 10 years ago I thought I had completed the redirection form correctly but it turned out that I hadn't. Fortunately the new people kept my mail for me which was such a relief.
I suppose it depends what it is; if it's junk, then throw or send back to sender. If it looks personal, perhaps it would be Ok to open it and find the sender's address?
when I moved, the new owner RTS'd or destroyed my mail
and it was such a pain - registration and insurances went up in smoke
I basically didnt have a come back

but that does not answer the q
Half a mile from where we live is a street with an identical name but we are differentiated by 'avenue' and 'close'. The house with the same number as us regularly receives our mail as we do theirs. We mark it up and put back in the postbox, chase the postman and give it back, and even take it round and shove it through the letterbox. They bin ours.
similar problem near me, there is a Green Street and a Green Drift , I know people who live there always getting mail mixed up.
Mosaic - same here in Manc.

A summons - pour moi -[ but I didnt do it, honest !]
went to the Av (a bit rougher in a rough area) instead of Close

and when I pointed it out to the authorities (but how did I find out ? A: I asked for a copy and pointed out the wrong address)

it was amazing how poncey they got

not helped by me commenting quite justifiably that they wrote to the wrong address, it would not be surprising I didnt answer.

wow I remember it with pleasure

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Old Tenants Mail

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