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hammerman | 12:26 Fri 23rd Aug 2013 | Law
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My parents have just renewed their will using an online company.

Is there anything to stop me copying their will on a word processor and just changing the names and who things are left to.

Obviously executors will change and it would be witnessed etc



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I'm pretty sure the document will be locked or saved in a non-tamper format.
I guess it possibly infringes copyright but you're unlikely to be caught/prosecuted.
Nothing to stop you at all.
I do that quite a lot.

My late father's will from 1974 because it was so simple
I hand around quite a lot.

remember the witnesses are witnesses to the signature and follow the rules strictly for that

and well done for paying attention to your will !
It's just forgery, that's all. Forgery of a will is particularly serious. The original will must be somewhere. Questions may be asked!

The executors can change a will after the death, anyway, provided they get the consent of the beneficiaries. There is a time limit. Wills are frequently altered to give tax advantages which the existing text did not provide.
hammerman is this with or without your parents permission and agreement? Do they want their will revised or are you wanting to pull a fast one?
I think Fred and Woofgang have the wrong end of the stick.

Hammerman wants to use his parents' will as a template for his own, not alter theirs.
I read the question as changing the testator name as well, using the format/wording to create a new will for someone else.

If it's to replace the existing will (without the original testator's consent) then it is indeed a forgery.
I agree with hc's take, although the words //changing the names and who things are left to// does make it sound like hammerman is dissatisfied with what he's in line to receive.

In any event, wouldn't his will need some additional wording, to deal with the various contingencies of 1) predeceasing his parents 2) possessions conditional upon inheriting them as per his parents will?

This is all the kind of stuff which wouldn't be present in the parents' will, surely?
* This is all the kind of stuff (wording, I mean) which wouldn't be present in the parents' will, surely?
Oh, I get it !

Hypo's point on wording is right. Rather depends what you want. If you have no intention of leaving anything to your parents, fine, but if you put "I leave my parent's house 23 Green Street to my son Jack" but they sold the before they had died or didn't leave it to you, Jack wouldn't get it or the proceeds.

Best, if you want to do it cheaply, is to use a good online service, or a will form from a law stationer or W H Smith, that comes with full notes of possible things you might wish, and things to avoid ,as well as pointing out matters which you might not have thought of about.
^sold the house ^
I haven't the wrong end of the stick, just didn't understand the question
Question Author
Sorry guys....yeah nothing untoward...all with parents permission. As said, just using this as a template for my own parents will still have their original safe and sound, until my sister and myself buy some rat poison !!!! lol

Thanks for your replies

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