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BLACKPOOLMECCA | 19:25 Tue 13th Aug 2013 | Law
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i prebooked a parking space at a travelodge unfortunately i entered one wrong number on the vechicle reg i have now been sent a payment request for the fine plus costs do i have to pay


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Read this, Martin Lewis' article - quite long but worth it. and watch this BB Watchdog clip
19:45 Tue 13th Aug 2013
I am thinking yes because you didn't park the vehicle you might try explaining the mistake though and asking them to be kind.
I would lodge an appeal with a copy of your Travel Lodge Bill showing the date you were staying.
Travel Lodge cannot issue you with a fine. Only the police or a court can do that.
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i do have a copy of the the bill and to be honest the car reg number on the reciept is so small it should have been pf57uep instead i put pf07uep! !!
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its been outsourced to apcoa parking!
Apcoa is a private parking company . . . Private parking companies can't issue fines.

What you have received is an unenforceable invoice. You're safe to ignore this.
It's still only a notice of charge, not a fine.

You can either ignore it but in your case I'd send photocopies of all the relevant invoices showing you did pay but inputted the wrong number.

Don't pay. If they're not happy they can take you to court - but they won't. Not a hope of winning.
Read this, Martin Lewis' article - quite long but worth it.

and watch this BB Watchdog clip

If the charge and costs are reasonable and the mistake was your error I would pay. It is quite correct that this is not a fine but a parking charge; you may be interested in the Protection of Freedom Act 2012.
I'm lost for words here tonywiltshire. Just because something is cheap or reasonable doesn't mean you should just bow down and accept you have to pay that fee regardless of the situation. A company once paid me £250,000 instead of £25 (office error); should I of insisted the full payment of said 1/4 a million?. It's just cost you 20p for me to respond to your comment. Please send payment.
If you read my comments properly dizmouk and reflect upon the position you will perhaps see that my comments have nothing to do with being cheap but a good deal to do with a reasonable charge and reasonable costs that would preclude a challenge on those grounds.
There is quite a good deal of case law on an error being made in payments, which would stop you claiming you should retain the full incorrect payment,
You may also wish to study the Freedom of Information act 2012.

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