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TheBaBas | 17:47 Mon 01st Jul 2013 | Law
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On Saturday morning I was driving home after a night out the night before, having stayed at a friend's house, when one of my tyres burst on a fairly busy dual carriageway.

When I went to change the tyre the locking wheelnet key snapped and therefore had to call a recovery truck.

About 20 minutes later a police car pulled up and set up 'police aware' signs - as the recovery truck wasn't going to arrive for another hour the (very nice) policeman invited me to sit in the police car and wait.

It had been eight hours since I last had a drink, and I certainly wasn't plastered the previous evening, but when I eventually got home my wife said she could still smell beer on my breath.

Now I'm 99.9% recurring sure I wasn't over the limit, but given my wife could still smell beer, presumably the policeman would've been able to as well, but I wasn't breathalysed.

We just spent an hour in the police car shooting the breeze until the recovery truck arrived.

On the assumption he could smell beer, I'm a little suprised I wasn't tested.

Any ideas why I wasn't?


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He obviously didn't smell it because if he had done, you would have been. That's an easy collar.

Your wife had some beer?
Maybe you were presenting as "probably sobered up" given the time of day ...

... and/or he didn't want the admin hassle of potentially having to take you to the station & then deal with your car recovery?
He gave you the benefit of the doubt and you may well have had a clear conversation with him and he just decided not to.

Some time ago I was leaving a restaurant quite late (it also has a rather large bar). I had been working there with others for a few hours and I didn't drink at all; anyway about 5 mins after leaving this dark car in front of me had no lights so I flashed it .....Now this is just my luck!! the car let me pass it then put sirens on and I was pulled. Police officer came to my window asking me if I had been drinking (he had an unmarked car). (I was very tempted to get a little black book out of the glove compartment!! and start asking him questions) More or less straight away, he backed away from the car and said that it was clear I hadn't been drinking because he couldn't smell it on me and disappeared very quickly - he didn't go any further and I had my wits about me. So he satisfied himself and maybe thats what they do and they must have some discretion.

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