What Is A Commital Hearing, Please?

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Tilly2 | 14:27 Sun 07th Apr 2013 | Law
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A case reported in the local paper. It said the person had been bailed and will return for a commital hearing. What does that mean, please?


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it's the hearing where they arrange to move the case from magistrates to crown court.

see here..

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Thank you, sara. (Committal with two t's, Tilly!)
I struggle with "committed" every time :o)
Just a bit more info: They are only held where the defendant has pleaded "not guilty" to an either way" offence. These are offences which can either be heard at the Magistrates' Court or at the Crown court. After the decision has been taken that the matter should go to the Crown Court papers have to be prepared and served upon the defence before the matter is formally "committed" to the Crown Court.

Although they begin their life at the Magistrates' Court, serious offences which can only be heard at the Crown Court (which are called "indictable only" offences) do not undergo a formal committal. They are immediately "sent" to the Crown Court (usually at the first hearing).

There is a pilot test going on at the moment in one area (not sure where) to do away with committal hearings. The plan is that once it has been decided that the case should go to the Crown Court it is immediately sent there in the same way as indictable only offences.
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Thank you, New Judge.

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What Is A Commital Hearing, Please?

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