I Have Rented A Property That Has No Planning Permission

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vanman84 | 19:20 Mon 11th Mar 2013 | Law
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I rent a storage yard on a farm, and also live there. I had a contract with the landlord for one year, this expired last month. Also last month, the council came to the property and posted up planning contravention notices, and it's now clear there is no planning permission for living or commercial use on the land. As this was days before the rent was due, and I have a deposit of one month's rent I did not pay the rent. The council visit was on the 19th Feb (rent due 25) and on 9 Mar I had a call from a man who said he was the landowner's son and asked for the rent. Previously I had only dealt with the caretaker, who has moved out of his mobile home and has not contacted me about the rent. I have no contract with the son (the landowner is currently living in the Philippines, and was there when I moved in) and the one I do have has, I feel been issued falsely, as the landowner had no right to offer space as there was no planning permission.
I am actively looking for a new place, but it will cost me to move (which I wasn't planning to do) and I will have to offer a deposit and rent up front so by way of compensation I feel I don't want to pay the rent again.
What are my rights?

Do I have any right to reclaim my rent?

Can I claim moving costs?


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I certainly doubt that you ever had the right to live there. I doubt you would succeed in any claim. Two wrongs certainly do not make a right.

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I Have Rented A Property That Has No Planning Permission

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