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Gromit33 | 18:47 Sat 09th Mar 2013 | Law
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Evening all.
Last year I attended a small local event which was publicised as being in aid of Help for Heroes. I recently found out that no money was sent to the charity as it was all used to 'cover costs'. Can people state this or is it fraud? Should I act on it or is it up to the charity to investigate (they were made aware of the event and sent some promotional material for it).
Appreciate thoughts on this.


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If it was genuinely intended that the function would raise money for charity but it failed to do solely because (say) an insufficient number of people attended, then there was no 'false representation', which would be necessary to bring a charge under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006.

Of course, if the 'costs' simply went into the oganisers' pockets, rather than paying for things like caterers or entertainers, then an offence would have been committed:

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Hi Chris,
Many thanks for your insight.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Our charity gave some of our marketing stuff (expensive balloons etc) to someone fundraising for us and another charity. I know he raises about £8-£10k at the events (I was there so know how much he was saying they raised on the night) and he promised us a 'good donation' we didn't get anything. Funnily enough we didn't get anything last time (a few years back) either.

We have put it down to experience and won't be promoting his do again.

No it isnt fraud altho you may well think there is something 'funny' about it all. I would draw it to Help for Heroes attention.

and contribute direct to HH - giftaid is good - you get the taxman to contribute which is always a Good Thing.

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