Now That We Don't Have A Death Penalty......

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Flyhalf | 13:33 Mon 21st Jan 2013 | Law
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Would it be humane to OFFER full life tariff prisoners a choice between life behind bars and a visit to Dignitas? It would certainly save a lot of money if there was a decent take-up.


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Nothing to do with Law - please post in Chatterbank.
Law is supposed to be about questions related to UK law, not hypothethical Chattering-type questions that just happen to touch on legal aspects of life in the UK.
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I did wonder where to place it, and may repost in CB if no response by teatime.
yeah ! or if it costs too much tos end them to dignitas - on the grounds they cant walk because its abroad.....

just lock two lifers up with a set of kitchen knives - you know the cheap sort you get at the local petrol station

I noticed the lack of legal content in this so just let my fingers float.....
'Now' as if it's just happened?
oh please can we discuss something legal....

like why Hilary Clinton's hair is such a mess ?

I have been watching the Inauguration and yet Chel-C Clinton
seems to be able to fit in regular visits to the hair dresser.

oh and I notice that the H in Barak H Obama;s name stands for Hussain, is that the same for Jesus H Christ ?
You know Ed can move threads to the right category? You could have just reported it and laid off the sarcasm!

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Now That We Don't Have A Death Penalty......

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