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stressedtobits | 17:51 Mon 29th Oct 2012 | Law
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my ex's new girlfriend had me served with a police harrassment order based on lies she told as she found out i was seeking legal advice to stop her contacting me etc...i had suspicions she was using my ex's phone and sending nasty messages as if they were from him to make us argue as she is paranoid i will take him back as they got together behind my back and had an i have had proof she has been sending messages as my ex caught her red handed doing it...he has assured me he is sorting the situation out but i wanted to know if the harrassment warning will now be void as she is the 1 contacting me?? any1 help please...Tia


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if he is your ex bf, why are you having contact with him anyway? if he contacts you just ignore it!
you say you have "proof" but really you only have what your lying cheating ex has told you, so i can't see why the harrassment order will be void. Sounds to me like he is saying it's her to get himself off the hook.
just keep your head down, don't contact either of them and get on with your life
Say it like it is, bednobs - I agree entirely
Bn & bt say it as it is and they are possibly correct. You may also like to look at the Administration of justice act 1970 and the Protection of harassment act 1997.
On the serious side i hope you solve your probs,on the other hand write for corrie.

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police harrassment warning

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