landlord problems!!!

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neil_loves_marie | 17:36 Fri 17th Aug 2012 | Law
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my cousin is having problems with her landlord has he wants the house back.
she has been given an order of possession for 16th October.
the other night he came to my cousins when her chap was out (just her and her son) and kicked the door off!!

what right does he have to do this??

the police told my cousin they couldn't arrest him as its classed as a domestic.

the 2 officers that came out to her was asian and the landlord is asian, not inciting anything to racism but it seems that has contributed to him not being arrested, also other evidence to this is numerous text messages making threats to harm her etc...

would this have not warranted arrest in itself anyway as kicking the door off was pre-meditated.


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. is a criminal offence as you could view it as threatening behaviour and criminal damage (even if it is his house). he absolutely does not have the right to do this. i would get your mate to's hardly a domestic, is it? and are they saying domestics are ok?
Regardless of the legal side of things can she get herself out of her, especially being there with a child as it doesn't sound like a very safe place to be?

When you refer to police do you mean just the police officer(s) who attended? I don't know the legal position but could she have a word with her local community officer about it or someone more senior?

The trouble is, if he is causing problems now then it could escalate and much as it may not seem fair, she may just be best getting out of there as soon as possible. She could try and speak to someone at the Citizen's Advice Bureau about her legal position in respect of her contract, landlord's actions etc...

Is her deposit protected in a scheme and has she paid much rent in advance?

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landlord problems!!!

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