Any advice for my son and his noisy neighbors?

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Debs28 | 17:33 Sat 28th Jul 2012 | Law
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Hi, my son rents a flat. Next door to them is a gym and a flat that is supposed to be unoccupied. Over the last few months there has been loud music coming from the flat during the day and evening. There is an illegal radio station and he is not sure if its coming from them or whoever is in the flat. He contacted the landlord of the property several times and is just being told that flat is meant to be empty - no help whatsoever. The landlord even had the cheek to say if you hear anything can you ring the police.
Today he called the police out as the music has been horrendous for hours. They came and have tried to gain entry but the doors are locked tight and no one is answering. They tried to ring the landlord but are just getting the answer machine. So the police have told my son there is nothing they can do. Other people who work or live around have moaned about the noise and rung the police but nothing seems to be being done.
My son has rung the noise abatement team at the local council who said unless they get three people complain they cannot come out. He managed to get the owner of the shop across the road and another tenant to ring them but now they are saying they dont have anyone to assist at this time.
Does anyone know if there is any legal recourse for my son, maybe taking the landlord of the property to court or something to get this sorted. Its ridiculous that the police cant enter therefore cannot do anything, the noise team dont want to come out and the landlord insists the place is empty when clearly it isnt.


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If you think this is the site of a pirate radio station then Ofcom is the organisation that deals with this.
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Thank you for your response. There is an illegal radio station (how big, ie local or more further afield) but my son is not sure the noise is coming from there or the flat above.
Check this site and see if you can find anything that might help. The Ombudsman is pretty powerful. Your son needs to keep records of the noise and any action taken/not taken.
Sorry -I forgot to put in the link!
Are you sure it's an illegal radio station and not a legal internet radio station?
If the landlord insists that the flat is empty ,yet it clearly isn't then there must be squatters in it. Tell the landlord someone is squatting and trashing his flat , surely he will not want to lose a valuable asset.
As to the noise you need to get more people to complain , once there are several people all complaining about the same place they will have to do something.
ring your local paper, they like a good story, they'll soon be contacting the council etc for "comments"
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Many thanks for the replies. Yes its definately an illegal radio station although as i said my son is not 100% certain this is where the noise is coming from. He is checking with another tenant to see if he can find out any more. The rest of the property used to be offices but all are now empty. Last night the music continued till small hours and it appears to be coming from one of the unused offices - as if someone is holding parties at regular 2 to 3 day intervals. He is checking out about others making complaints to the council. On Monday he will be ringing the landlord of the property and informing him there are people using the place. It is just so frustrating that the police could hear it all but were unable to get in.
Report form for an illegal radio station here
You just need to report it , ofcom will investigate from then on, probably a better bet than the police .
Another point , the landlord can be held responsible for his premises being used for illegal broadcasts . He won't want 2 years in prison !

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Any advice for my son and his noisy neighbors?

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