Is there a way to prevent ex-tenants giving our address?

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Brum Lady | 15:24 Tue 10th Jul 2012 | Law
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We are landlords, and in December 2009 our tenants did a moonlight flit from our rental house, owing several months rent, and also seemingly owing thousands of pounds to other people. They are still having mail delivered to the house chasing money and threatening court appearances, bailiffs etc. Is there anyone to approach to stop them giving this address out? I have written to some of them in the past, but still the post comes.


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I dont; think they can actually change the address they have unless the person contacts them to tell them the new address. All you can do is keep returning the mail and unknown at this address
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Thanks mccluff, the last tenant obviously sent loads of stuff back with "Not known at this address" on the envelopes, and lo and behold it has been delivered again!
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Yes 2, it is a pain! If only these credit companies did some checks instead of just paying out to any Tom, Dick or Harry!
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Mail should only be opened by named addressee. If your name is not on mail either re-direct it or re-post with 'Not known' written on envelope.
I had a tenat do the same and they didn't give us a forwarding address (obviously lol) but we found it out and I opened all the post and rang the companies she owed money to and explained the situation. After the initial flurry of letters non of them have been in contact again.

AND by the way they are probably not giving the address out (unless there are new debts coming through) it is the one they used when they lived there so old debts are still atibuted to them.
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I get mail here for the previous tenant, lots of red letters etc etc
At first I sent them back dont known; they still came
Then I called the numbers in the letter provided to tell them this person doesn't live here; they dont believe you
Then I sent an email; they dont believe you
The companies want you to pay to send them the proof; aint happening
So, these letters now go in the bin, unopened because after 5.5 years, they still haven't taken the hint

It isn't they are still giving out your address, it's that they haven't given their new one to their creditors
2sp I have done the same, after returning many letters to a building society. I opened a letter and phoned the building society because I was a bit concerned that said ex tenant was trying to claim that they were still resident and maybe try to borrow money against the house. I explained the circs to the building society who were very grateful to be "officially" told that their customer no longer had a connection with the address.
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I know that too tambo, but when there are loads of the same letters coming from the same people, it seems the best thing to do! Some of the debt chasing letters are recent, so they obviously are still giving this address out, and as I have said, even mail with Not Known at This Address comes back AGAIN!
Thanks for all your responses.
Companies sell debts on to other companies it is big business now .
The recent letters are probably about the same debts but from diffrent companies who have 'bought' the debt from another company higher up the 'chain' .

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Is there a way to prevent ex-tenants giving our address?

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