Closing down business - redundancy

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bookboo | 18:19 Tue 03rd Jul 2012 | Law
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My family member has decided to close her business as she wants to focus on raising her two children. She has a couple of employees, of which one is currently on long term sick. She knows the amount of redundancy she is required to pay them but is she also required to pay the time her employee has been signed off sick on top of that? TIA


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if she only has two employees the rules will be different. she should get expert advice and ensures she complies with notice periods etc.
Depends what the employee's contract says?

Your friend is best to get some advice to see her through this and I suggest ACAS as its free, friendly and supportive.
You could have a look at the ACAS site and get their guidance, best to get advice on the specific circumstances than a generalisation. Best to do everything properly now (even getting legal advice if needs be) and do things properly than ending up with a claim against her.
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Thanks. That's wise.
You are, presumably, paying the employee sick pay anyway, even if it's only the statutory minimum? This will continue up until the final date, unless she decides to return in the meantime.

Just carry on as normal, paying wages and sick pay up until the final date.

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Closing down business - redundancy

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