My wife obtained a parking ticket when parked in a private retail car park from a private company called UK Parking Control. Am I obliged to pay the fine?

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rodmccrea | 07:23 Tue 19th Jun 2012 | Law
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She admits to parking incorrectly, but did so to ensure the safe removal of child from car - there were no available 'Parent/Family' parking spaces left. I am resident in N Ireland - in case the law is different.


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would not think your local copshop ..they will be able to tell you if this has any authority..
No just ignore it completely, and eventually they will get sick of writing to you, you are not obliged to pay this at all.
^^^ agree with NOX ^^^

They have no legal validity and will never chase you beyond the 'nasty letter' stage.
Excuses or not DON'T park incorrectly and you won't have to worry about parking tickets.

I have twins and as frustraiting as it is when all the family spaces are taken up with 4x4s and vans I managed to park properly (and I'm rubbish at parking).
When you say "parked incorrectly " did you mean you didn't park in a designated parking bay?
I wonder whether Buenchico will come on with his example of where a charge did have to be paid.
If you were in breach of contract then they can take you to court but it is likely they would only be awarded appropriate damages which may be nothing or almost nothing, so the chances are they will give up.
you are not obliged to pay the fine - she is.
This one has been done to death on here.
It is non enforceable they will send nasty letters but nothing more.
In theory they could sue you but several court cases have resulted in the parking company being awarded damages of £1 only , this after they have spent £1000s on the legal fees. They can only claim the actual cost to them of you parking your car , that is why they only got £1 nominal damages. I don't think any company is going to be sufficiently stupid to try going to court again.
Bednobs it is NOT a fine it is a parking charge !Only the police or the local authority can levy a fine and only then after a court case.
Read this .UK Parking Control are a bunch of scam merchants
Also the company can ONLY sue the driver not the owner / keeper so just tell them you do not know who was driving and unless they can prove the id of the driver they can do Sweet FA !
Eddie is correct, when you enter a private, signed car park, the driver enters into a contract to adhere to the terms, ver the contract is the drivers not the owner and you are under no obligation to inform the private company who was driving.

There is great debate as the validity of of these parking fines, but they are not enforcable under law in the same way as a local authority PCN and although they threaten to take people to court they very rarely do.

The police will have no interest about it what so ever.
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My wife obtained a parking ticket when parked in a private retail car park from a private company called UK Parking Control. Am I obliged to pay the fine?

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