section woundin within intent

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emza1990 | 15:50 Fri 18th May 2012 | Law
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hi does any1 have any help on my question please...
i have not long been arrested and released on bail for section 18 for defending myself.. i am 22 year old and have never been arrested in my life i am not a trouble maker and don't like violence i am a full time carer for my disabled boyfriend. i have never been violent in my life.. i was in my home with my family and friends having couple of glasses of wine when my boyfriends cousin david came to our door He was drunk trying to kick my door through i opened the door to see what he wanted he said he was wanting to fight with my brother but my brother wasn't at mine at the time my brother and david have never got on with each other.. i told him to check my flat if he liked but he refused. he started spitting and shouting in my face my cousins boyfriend came to the door to see if i was ok and david started punching my cousins boyfriend in the chest and face and he was spitting on him they live next door to me and had came down for a little drink. davids friend came down with a pole about 2 metres long and said hit him with that and david started to kick my cousins door he got the pole of his friend and went to hit me and my cousins boyfriend with it so he picked up a bottle to defend himself i took it off him because it was all getting out of hand and david came towards me and started to throw punches at me i am 5ft n he is about 5ft 10in i was standing on my doorstep. i got scared and i put my hands infront of my face i still had the bottle of wine in my hand. my eyes were shut as i was flinching and i felt something hit the bottle but wasn't sure what. i opened my eyes and he said your trying to hit me with a f****ng bottle come here i will kill you so i lifted my hands to protect my face and i shut my eyes again and as i hid my face the bottle it had smashed i wasnt sure what i had hit when i opened my eyes davids back was facing me and he was walking away as normal i still didn't know what i had hit my friend was on the phone to the police while all this was happening they eventually turned up and they arrested me it was then i was told i had hit him in the face with the bottle i have been released on bail with a curfew my solicitor said i may get n.f.a or the charges maybe dropped as i had hit him by an accident and i didn't hit him on perpose i am not a trouble maker and he has previous of violence with his present girlfriend and ex girlfriend and has spent time in jail for burgulry and is up in court in a months time for 4 counts of theft. if anyone has any advice or been in a similar situation could you please answer my question. i would be really grateful thanks.


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You need a solicitor urgently , I presume you are charged with a section 18 wounding / GBH with intent. This is a very serious offence and if the charge is proceeded with and you are found guilty it is a compusory prison sentence.
From reading your story ( very difficult with out punctuation) you did have a bottle in your hand and the bottle did hit the other person and cut him. This is going to be a difficult one to prove one way or the other but you are potentially in a lot of trouble, get a solicitor NOW and tell him/her the story .
I would add that we see a lot of this type of story on here and the questioner nearly always claims it was 'self defence' .
what would you get sentenced if you stabbed someone three time and got remanded on section 18 woundin with intent? its my cousin he's getting roped in by old lads to take the charge not good!! any help would be good thanks
get a solicitor, give them all the info as above, then let them take it forward, at present there's nothing to do until the police, prosecutors, etc make their minds up as to any offence commited.
Another one of these?
ianbellman, Your cousin is looking at a prison sentence of several years , 5 at least !
He needs a solicitor URGENTLY !
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i havn't been charged i've been released on bail with a curfew. i have to answer bail on the 17th of july to see if i've been charged or not.. i was just prtecting myself i wish i never had the bottle in my hand and this wouldn't have happened the police have took the pole away for finger prints and took pics of my door and my cousins door they are presing charges and so am i. i'm just really scared i'm going to prison for trying to keep the peace and protecting myself and my disabled boyfriend.

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section woundin within intent

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