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brainwashed | 23:36 Thu 26th Apr 2012 | Law
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I have not been refused credit but refused an application to open a bank account with a bank i have been with for years. I have never owed them so much as a penny. Also i have substantial savings with them. Apart from this bank I have never been in debt and never owned a credit card. They are telling me I am credit blacklisted.
The only thing I can think of that may be causing this is the activity of a previous tenant, that I, after about seven years at this address, still receive letters for that going by the return addresses and logo's, are obviously loan companies.
I am waiting for Experian to validate my request but does anyone know why this should be occuring?


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You won't believe this, but the fact that you've never owed any money nor had a credit card can sometimes be held against you in as much as you will have no previous credit history.
I have never heard of credit blacklisting but I am confused at your post. Did you refuse the application or did the bank refuse your application to open a new account? That makes no sense. I don't have credit cards and my bank is always thrilled to have a new account opened. Your address has nothing to do with your credit or that of a prior tenant. They are, by law, to go by your full legal name and tax id number. If you are in the U.S., that is your social security number. If you are refused credit, it is required by law that you are sent a letter explaining why. You can then dispute their answer that is in the letter. Hope this helps you and good luck with the absurdity of it all!
we lived in Dubai for over 10 years and we came back and moved ito my Dad's house [ he had died and left it to me] we were refused credit because they said we did not have any UK credit cards and my dad had never ever bought anything on hire purchase or applied for a credit card so there was "nothing known" at our address.Took us 5 years to be established. opening a new bank account was a nightmare !
The person gets blacklisted...not the address.

They might suspect you have a financial connection with the person.

If that is the case you can clear it up once you get the credit report.
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Ok that must be previous

Ladychef818....perhaps you should return to school; to begin a sentence "I have been refused" implies that one has been the object of another's action, here I have written this in the negative and continue to elaborate on the actions that I have been the recipient of.
Apart from this, the rest of your comments are false, maybe true in US but not here...
What sort of account? Current, savings, ISA?
No need to be so rude to Ladychef who took the time to try to help you, she's quite right, your post makes absolutely no sense in the US or in the UK- and I would seriously doubt a bank woud use the term 'credit blacklisted' as it's not a term in use in the UK, as it doesn't exist- people have a credit score nothing else, and since each lenders criteria is different you could pass with one but not with another- you're certianly not 'blacklisted'. As others have said, since you have no record of existing in terms of credit I imagine the credit checking bureaus might think you are the previous tenant applying for things under a different name in which case a CIFCAS marker might appear on your credit file, which would flag up every time you apply for anything, although this would be unusual in the circumstances you state.
ditto nox
You really needto see your credit report as sometimes a payment is delayed without you realising this can have a big impact on someone with very few credit records A friend had this happen when a change by her employer made a salary payment late and a mortgage payment was late by 24 hours as a result she can't get loans etc now
You Experian report will explain all, I think you just need to wait, but no such thing as black listed!
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Nox you also obviously have a poor command of the English language..I didnt ask my question in order to harassed about my choice of words..
hey brainwashed, your post does contain a slight ambiguity "i have not been refused credit but refused an application to open a bank account" could sound like you refused an invitation to open a bank account. i think the responder was just trying to get it right to give you the best advice
also i dont suppose ladychef answered to be harrassed about her choice of answer either!
Perhaps you were refused a bank account because of your appalling attitude?
You weren't trying to get a new bank account for the Charm School you're obviously opening were you brainwashed, and you'd know if I were harrassing you believe me.
You can threaten to sue your bank for "defamation of credit". If someone tells a lie about your credit-worthiness, this can actually be taken to court. If your good reputation in society is blemished without reason it is the same. Your credit reputatiion is being libelled or defamed, and it amounts to something you can sue for. In the past Banks have actually had to pay up for this kind of lie about customers.

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