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alperchino | 06:52 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | Law
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I'm gutted I don't often speed, 12 at night and a police ar is hidden away in a service station? Just coming out of a 50, and into a 30 and he gets me doing 51, he's given me 3 points n a 60£ fine, I said I was not accepting I was wrong and I may take it to court, I did not sign it just block capitaled it, what are my chances in court? Does anyone know of a good solicitor for these kinds of things? I know there are crazy loop holes but couldn't believe it car in front was going quicker and car behind was up my rear end, he got me with a speed gun I think? Please answer I'm gutted if I have to stop driving :(


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Have you got points already?

I wouldn't take the chance of going to court if you were speeding.

Can you do the speed awareness course?
If you were caught doing 51 in a 30, why have you not been offered the speed awareness course?
How many points do you already have? If these 3 put you to 12, then, sorry, you have only yourself to blame
The fact it was midnight, the police were in the petrol station and you had just come out of a 50 mph zone is not a defence
I don't fancy your chances in court
During the last 2 years I have been breath tested by the police 17 times and the readings have always been zero.
In addition I have been taken down the police station on 5 occasions in relation to crimes in the local area. On 4 occasions the police were able to prove I had committed no offence and on 1 occasion there was no evidence that I had or had not committed the crime other than the report.
I have asked for the reasons for these incidents and the police have stated they had received reports I had been drinking excessively.
On 6 of the occasions I had been in a pub drinking sparkling water and orange juice and on the other occasions I had not consumed any alcahol.
I think somebody must have a grudge. I am just wandering if I can make the police take any action against this person/s as it is a waste of police time and mine.
Sorry I put this in the wrong place. I am new to AnswerBank and now wrote it as a question.
Daves, I'd write to the Chief Constable (or whoever is the Top Policeman in your area) with your concerns. They might be already aware of a particular individual or group who are acting out of spite against you.
There's no defence to this in court I'm afraid. I pass two or three similar spots everyday where they "zap" people especially at night or at the weekends. Laybe at the end of the dual carriageway, pertol station on the roundabout and bridge over the 40mph zone are all their favourite spots.

I got caught once but am better at spotting them now and better at slowing down before the zone starts rather than once i'm into it.

Bad luck but don't bother to fight it for £60, pay up and take it on the chin.

(As far as I know you can only opt for speed awareness course if you were within 10 mph of the limit. ie 40mph in a 30mph stretch)
OH was caught 47 mph in a 30 and was offered the course, maidup
Sorry I don't understand, you where doing over 30 in a 30, that's the only relevant part of this. So you are "not accepting" what exactly, the laws of physics? The speed limit on the road? what? Accept the FP and be grateful!
'Just coming out of a 50, and into a 30'

Hmm well if it was a straightforward doing 51 in a 50, I would certainly go all the way with complaining, press, legal the lot. Speedos vary from car to car and you may be able to prove a difference of 1 mile an hour.

But the mention of '50 into a 30' leads me to believe you were doing 51 or more and had not slowed down before you got to the 30. I had a friend that argued there wasn't enough time to slow down for the lower limit. She of course lost in court.

Personally, I suspect you were doing much more than 50, then saw the 30 and were slowing down as a result and were doing 51 when you hit the 30. Or am I wrong?
You're right - the rules about the speed awareness course vary from region to region.

//Usually the drivers eligible will be those that have exceeded the legal limit but not by a huge amount. Each individual police force will decide what their margins are.//

Its 10% here. My pal went on one after being caught doing 38 in a 30. I couldn't go on one as I was doing 72 and entering a single carriage section of road. I took the points and paid the fine - fair cop to plod.

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