Main gas pipe replacement

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hammerman | 10:37 Sat 07th Apr 2012 | Law
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Southern gas networks are going to be digging up the road and putting new pipes in up our street next week.

In the letter we received, it said that they may need to dig up our garden and/or drive to renew the pipe into my property.

Can they do this without permission ? My front garden has a lovely, very well established rockery which they would need to go through and i don't want it dug up.




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If you want gas, yes.
yes they can !!!..btw crossie..wot u writing at the moment ?
We had to have new pipes about 2 years back they will put it back to the way it was before they started. They may not have to dig all of it up.

With mine the dug a hole in the pavement and then one near the house wall , They then push the new pipe through the old pipe and into your property.
They will probably have the authority to excavate in your garden if you wish to retain your gas supply but they will be required to reinstate the garden to the condition it was in before they started, if they do any work in your garden make sure you are happy with the final position.
If you are concerned take photographs of garden before they start.
Ask them if they could use a mole to drill under the surface. That's a mechanical mole, not the one you bash over the head with a shovel ;o)

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Main gas pipe replacement

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