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asomers747 | 01:25 Sun 25th Mar 2012 | Law
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I'm curious how serious it is to violate a PETFREE code within the same building and what I can do legally, to get that pet out. I don't find it far that my building is declared PETFREE and not everyone abides by this ruling. Any thoughts?


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well your first action should be to report them to the building manager and insist they leave... they will no doubt deal with it...

theres no reason you need be involved any more than that

unless by 'my building' you mean you are the site manager...?
:0( id die off if someone made me get rid of my dog x
ah but you wouldnt live there if you couldnt have a dog would you...?

some people just ignore the rules and get one anyway ...
It's very difficult to find a rental these days that allows pets.
Hi tinkerbell23

I agree. Dogs are so much part of the family.
I live in a close of 11 houses.
A house was sold recently and the previous people did not have a dog.
The new people have moved in and have now complained because every other house has a dog.
I am just wandering why they purchased the house if they did not like the situation.

john, if its just an independant close they have no rights to dictate anything to the neighbours ... bit of a nerve to complain!

people dont wish to live near dogs for all sorts of reasons...noise, smell, poo, allergies etc so if you move into a building in the belief that its pet free then you have every right to expect it to stay like that...

people who get dogs despite these rules are irresponsible and probably somewhat unfit to be dog owners - if they home a dog knowing it may end up being uprooted and put in a kennel or shelter, after it has settled and become attached, they are selfish
Brinjal is correct. When I was recently having my house search there were very few landlords who would allow me to have my cat at the house. I called about countless properties.

Joko, I would doubt there are very few people who get a pet and expect to have to rehome it. I would think most people would simply try and find somewhere else to live where they could keep a pet.
asomers, do you want to get rid of the pet because it is causing a nuisance or because it is against the rules? If it's the latter I would have to say that seems a rather spiteful thing to do, for the owner and the poor animal. How will you feel if the owner, rather than lose their pet, gives up their home? If it really is causing a nuisance then I understand - but you haven't said that.
If there are a number of people in the building with pets,how are you to know if-maybe-they've gotten permission to have them? Were they all aquired *after* the tenants moved in-or did the pets come with them?
If you have a pet free express condition in your tenancy agreement you will be in breech of that agreement if you do not abide by the terms. How seriously it will be taken will be up to your Landlord, if you can prove others are breaking this condition and it is being ignored it may help your negotiations if you wish to keep a pet but will not necessarily provide you with authority to also be in breech of your agreement. If you wish to stop others keeping pets you will have seen the posts by lady & pasta.
asomers - boy am I glad I don't live near you !!!!!
-- answer removed --
lol great way to get people to help you!
Are you by any chance in the USA? You have such a delightful turn of phrase
considering you only joined today in the small hours of the morning, you're not being very polite.

Do as is suggested - go to your building manager, complain to him about people having pets when it's not allowed.
are you sure it is the pet that has brought the fleas in? We have had dogs for more than 30 years. The only two times we have had to de flea the house, once they were brought in by me from a really unpleasant home visit which was part of my health relalted job, the other time was my husband using an infested taxi, the driver phoned to apologise.
Sorry I cannot believe that fleas are running rampant through a building from one animalI think you need to get a life or move on.
You want advice; go to sportsanswerbank, with your attitude you will fit in much better over there.
actually, if the OP chose the building because of the pet free clause in the tenancy agreements then why should they not be able to complain about it?
Regardless of whether or not any one else thinks dogs are part of the family etc, if you want a pet you live in a lace where they are allowed, do you not?
Personally, as much as I love dogs, if I chose to live in a complex/house whatever that expressly forbid them in my tenancy I would also complain about it

OP, as Tony says, speak to the landlord
I do agree with oj - when I had pets and I had to live in a rented place for a while, I had to put them into boarding kennels until I got my own place. If it says no pets, that's what it should mean.
Yes I agree it should. It was just the mean-spiritedness of the OP that got me. But I think there might be a bit of exaggeration there with the flea thing. In fact I think I'd want to leave if it's as bad as it sounds.

And I certainly wouldn't let my pet live there.

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