Ex Given Wrong Address to the court

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waterdropv | 19:00 Sun 26th Feb 2012 | Law
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Hi All,

In brief:
- I moved our rented flat 9 months ago after she filed police complaint and took non-mol order. She also left the flat after 1 month.
- I defended order, she came on the hearing date, my barrister requested judge to ask her to give her address so we can serve divorce papers. She said she will give address to judge, judge noted it as confidential address
- my sol requested court to serve papers to her confidential address, court did that but no response and then court ordered to send bailiff
- bailiff tried to serve paper, I got call from flat owner and he shouted me that why ppl are coming to my place to serve papers of your personal matter - HERE WE REALIZED that she given the Wrong Address to the court it self. Some one else is living in that flat since she left.

Now, What can be done? Isn't it a contempt of court?

The problem is, bailiff is not able to serve paper in this case then....

I asked my sol and he said don't worry we should wait for bailiff to give his affedavite etc.... he is always lienient and never tells me all the possibilities.

Please tell me what option do i have now?

I know the place where she works.. but how I initiate things so that papers can be serverd there?


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So what does yr sol say?
" don't worry we should wait for bailiff to give his affedavite etc."
apparently zacs
Let it sit and if the papers aren't served, then the judge will remove the MOL, the divorce is another matter...
Ehhh, maybe let your Solicitor know her works address, as it is possible for serve of papers to be effected at place of work.
Question Author
Non Mol is already removed.
What happens if bailiff can't serve her the papers?
They can serve her at work?
It is not that unusual for the petitioner to not have the correct address or a current address of the potential respondent, particularly if the potential respondent intends to defend, which is very unusual these days. If this is the case every action should first be taken to locate the current address but if this is unsuccessful an application can be made to the court to dismiss with service of petition.

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Ex Given Wrong Address to the court

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