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ROTHY666 | 23:31 Wed 22nd Feb 2012 | Law
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And hearing date was made and to the disbelieve of everyone Mr S defended himself and won the day to have this case adjured and returned to the lower courts for explication as the order clearly stated that there was six liability orders in respect of Council Tax and Housing benefit and it would be for the judge who made these orders to explain. (Please note that only names on bankruptcy petition are Newham council and Miss E by consequence)

A date was set down for trail at lower courts in front of said judge responsible for these orders, once again Mr S defended himself and won hands down with the judge quashing all orders and making a damming statement about how the council was misleading the upper courts in believing these orders could stand, so you would think hoary for Mr S, because with no orders there could be no bankruptcy but the council wasn't having that and applied for a juridical review of said judges decision, that was given due to the fact that all interested parties hadn't been informed of this hearing and thats unbelievable to say the least, so the lower courts filed a judicial review of the first judicial review and due to the fact that the lower courts moved address no one defended this action and now four years had past from original bankruptcy so Mr S thought it would be better to go after the source and gather the information that started this process in the first place and obtain all the minutes and other data from council under freedom of information but he isn't hitting hurdles.
Mr S has been advised that in relation to compensation from council 7 figures and then compensation from freeholder 6/7 figures please advise.

Defamation, slander, fraud, theft, abuse of power in public employment, conflict of interest for financial gain, data protection breeches,theft of Royal mail, corruption..

Thankyou for taking the time to read this brief detail of a injustice and can you please advise of what help and direction this case should take.


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I haven't read it - but I don't think it is 'brief'! Hope you get the help you need though.
For a claim for compensation that runs into millions of pounds and has so many complex elements it's probably worth investing in a good solicitor
Question Author
Phew! - just finished reading it.
Since Mr S is so smart at defending himself I'm sure he'll be able to take on the challenge of tackling the council for corruption and misuse of public office. There's a good tome on it here. User Recommendation
If all else fails the tome can double up as a doorstop.
Must be off to bed now - nightie, night.
ROTHY666, why put this in as 3 separate questions?

Why not put part 2 and 3 as "updates" on the end of Pt1, which you can easily do as you would when replying to any question.

Then all 3 parts are in the same place.
Well put it this way - I gave up reading a short way into part 1 and I suspect others will

You need a lawyer and will have to pay him.
or her :)
OK< it> then.......

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