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ROTHY666 | 23:25 Wed 22nd Feb 2012 | Law
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Part two...

Mr S was away from property 2000 until 2004 when he moved back as new owner. gifted by his step dad under inheritance, (date) and Mr S been working really hard as a interior designer and is fairly well off at this point.
He is unaware of what has been going on behind the scenes at the council over this time or any debts and proceeds to buy a Flowershop locally and employ several locals and is paying council tax and business tax so at this point council know where Mr S can be found (date), Over the proceeding two years Mr S has no arrears with council and is known locally for his high standard of workmanship and attention to detail in dealing with weddings and funerals, lodges and queens birthday and advertising in the local paper too, we should also say that he owns BMW 7 series, 911 Porsche and two vans.(they would be targeted by council/No1)
So Mr S is a newly married famous florist/interior designer with the world at his feet, when out of no where is arrested at 6.50 in the morning in a dawn raid by police for threats to kill and is held and charged, when it goes to court judge throws it out for wrongful arrest, no laws broken at all. Without knowing No1 Miss E had made a harassment allegation in June of said year and then proceed to embellish a story to have Mr S arrested but they didn't understand the time frame and on Boxing day they proceed to do DIY at 6.25am (entrapment) shaking the whole house knowing that this would cause complaint and a reason for the second allegation that is needed to enforce harassment law, police attended and spoke with No1 only and left. This is just the tip of a iceberg in how much disinformation was used in their plan.

Then we have several occasions of mail theft which was picked up on cctv and by postman red-handed and reported to police, this explains how they knew what was going on at all times, who to contact to get information, they contacted all of Mr S banks on one occasion posing as Mr S trying to get a statement sent out of all transactions but failed security and then another time saying that they worked for council and was conducting a fraud investigation and needed copies of my account transactions actions, they failed again and then they last ditch attempt was to inform banks that Mr S was letting property out not knowing that Mr S had already changed his mortgage and each time they breeched Mr S security it was causing Mr S's accounts to be frozen until they verified security with Mr S.
Again this was reported to police to no avail and why you may wonder, we find that they contacted the police to let them know they was conducting an investigation into Mr S and if the police contacted the council they would had this confirmed?
(we have a copy of fraud report by council naming informers as owners of No1 to council and full diary of contact and information gathered by them, given to Mr S by mistake in The High Court by Barrister representing the council)(And yes they are council employees giving false information for their own financial gain with the council backing them?)
Then if Mr s isn't getting his mail he can't challenge what he has no knowledge of and that was a key part of the plan, and the reason it got to the High court bankruptcy division in the first place but due to Mr s friends and family and his quick grasp of the law he was in a zone that who could deal with his self.

Within days of being informed by third parties that he had been made bankrupt he attended the High Court to have said judgement annulled and was able to demonstrate an argument that this judgement was made in error and hearing date was made and to the disbelieve of everyone Mr s defended himself and won the day to have this case adjured and returned to the lower courts for expiation as the order clearly stated that there was six liability orders in respect of Council Tax and Housing benefit and it would be for the judge who made in error. pt/3


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Will part 3 be the final part?
I missed part one. Is it on Dave yet ?
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