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queries | 10:22 Mon 06th Feb 2012 | Law
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If someone is having their rent paid by the powers that be because they are unemployed can they then have someone living with them who is in full time work?


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A lodger or a partner?
Check here:-

"Your personal and financial circumstances
Your local council will look at:
money you and your partner or civil partner have coming in, including earnings, some benefits and tax credits, and occupational pensions
your savings (and your partner's or civil partner's savings)
your circumstances: such as your age, the size of your family and their ages, whether you or any of your family are disabled, and whether anyone who lives with you could help with the rent"
There is a scale of reductions in the housing benefit if there is a 'adult non dependant' living with them. As long as they have declared that the person is living with them they will still get housing benefit but it will be at a reduced rate. As a rough example I know a relative in this position, the rent was £110 a week and they got it all paid, when they got another working person living with them the benefit was reduced by around £45 a week.
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a partner - just interested to know why someone can claim this benefit if they aren't actively looking for work but has someone else living with them who can afford to pay the rent
Then they can't.

I'm not working....I'm not entitled to any benefits because of my partners income.
HB is completely separate to DWP benefits
You can be working and get HB
As has been said Housing / council tax benefit is administered by the local council it has nothing to do with DWP benefits . The total income for the household is what counts.Someone can be earning well over the national average wage and still get housing / council tax benefit.How do you think people can afford to live in places like London where the average rent for a small family home is over £1000 a week !
The local authority pays housing benefit and the joint income of the claimant and partner will be taken into account but someone is not precluded from claiming housing benefit because they have a partner working. There is a list of groups who are unable to claim HB such as many full time students, people in care homes, members of religious orders, if they are maintained by the order, and others, but for the claimant or partner to be working is not one of these groups.
i work full time and my husband gets benefits. you can also get housing benefit if your income is poor enough. either report them, or stop being nosey. they may be entitled to their benefits!
you also haven't given anywhere like enough detail for us to work out if they are on the fiddle.
YES as long as you declare to the powers to be that someone s living with you,they will then determin how much rent you have to pay.
i suppose its not really fair to expect the working partner to totally cover the payments of another person in a shared property - the non working partner should cover their share in whatever ways they can or need to.

i would not be happy having to house my partner completely, and basically funding their living arrangements, and would expect to pay my fair share, no more.

i suppose it depends why they are getting benefits.
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Thanks for answers - its not a case of being nosy just some concern about the situation which concerns family

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