Worried about my Dad

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stoofur | 05:44 Sun 15th Jan 2012 | Law
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My dad has just split with his partner of 10 years and he is devastated.

The problem is that he sold his house about 10 years ago and then paid off her mortgage. He always told us that he was put on the house deeds. However it has come to light that he never was. She always said that she would do it but could not find them at the time of asking. My dad is a lovely trusting man and so never really persued it.

He is 60 this year and I am worried that he is going to come out of the relationship with nothing. I have told him to go and speak to a solicitor about this. He first said he can't afford a solicitor to which I said I can help him with that. Now he says that he does not want to make things worse by getting a solicitor involved. I said that he needs to get advice and that he does not have to take it further than just advice.

She has said that he can continue to live at the house for as long as he wants (she has had an affair and is with the new man). She also said that he is entitled to half of the value of the house. But there is nothing in writing.

I am so worried about him. It dawned on me last night that he has not had to live on his own since he was in his teens. He married my mum when he was 18 and she died 15 years ago. But I was living with him then. He then met this woman.

I have offered that he live with me and my girlfriend. He did try but said that he wanted to go home (which he did last night).

Any advice emotionally and legally would be gratefully received.

I will put this question in both the Relationship folder and the Law folder.

Thanks everyone.


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Hi Stoofur

I would see a solicitor. Your father may be able to establish an interest in the property if he has got some evidence of the money he paid towards it.
I would have thought the property would have been registered by now so there would be a land certificate so it would have not mattered if the deeds could not be found.

I was widowed and dated a lady ( she was widowed as well) for a few months.
She sugested we sold our houses and buy a bungalow. The bungalow we looked at would have cost the same as the proceeds we would have got from the 2 houses.
The problem was she had 6 children and I have 2 and my wifes share of the house was owned by my 2 daughters although my daughters were prepared to come to an arrangement regarding this.
She wanted my daughters to hand their share of the property back as they are financially better off than her children and for the new property to be willed to her children only.
Obviously myself and my daughters were not willing to accept this and she just walked out and slammed the door.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply. I have convinced dad to see a solicitor. Also she says that she is going to put something in writing so hopefully....

Dad also seems to be a bit more upbeat.

Well done for standing your ground.

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Worried about my Dad

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