Arrested for ABH

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Vanguard77 | 22:42 Sat 19th Nov 2011 | Law
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Yesterday evening I was walking back from dinner with my girlfriend when I stepped out in front of a cyclist by mistake. After an unfriendly glare, he said to me 'you go about your way you f***ing n*b' in which I replied, 'you carry on cycling'.

At that point he got off his bike and started to walk towards me shouting - I walked over towards him too and I probably travelled about 70% distance and him 30%. I stopped just before him, and he walked up into my face. At that point I pushed him and said 'step away'.

He then came back at me and at that point it get's a little hazy, but I remember him swinging at me once or twice (didn't connect), and me hitting back, which did connect. Unfortunately he fell into the road. I then tried to pick him up to move him off the road, by grabbing his lapels, I said 'what are you doing!?'

Two people saw the moment when I hit him, and I don't think they saw any of the activity before it.... I'm hoping CCTV will show the whole story (yet to see).

I waited for the police to turn up (I even suggested it) and was subsequently arrested (The guy had a nasty bruise on his eye).

Can anyone give me an idea of what I'm looking at here... (If I go to court, although I haven't spoken to a solicitor yet) I'll pled guilty to hitting him and suggest that it was self defence?

My girlfriend and I hadn't planned on anything like this and just wanted a nice night together.

I only hit back and only once.

Any insight or help highly appreciated.



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I wish you the best of luck here, most likely it will come down to the CCTV backing you up if others gave a statement about you hitting him only. Do you have any previous convictions for anything of a similar nature?
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Thanks for reply, to answer your questions. No previous convictions of any nature.
I also note, you only say arrested, so I assume you have been bailed? Was a solicitor present, and how did the interview go? I would assume they will try there best to look in to the matter for you as they can see your not the type of person who gets themselves mixed up in this
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Yes, I've been bailed. The interview went ok, although I don't really have a benchmark for that. I said exactly what I believed to happend. They told me his statement which was completely different.

He said that when I stepped out in front of him, he fell of his bike and then I proceed to hit him, which is just madness. I worry that the CCTV will not show the whole incident, and then we'll have to rely on the two witnesses - which is not going to work out well for me. I don't think they saw anything other than me hitting him and standing over him...

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was he on he pavement?

Just plead not guilty on grounds of self defence.
your girlfriend must have witnessed the whole incident - though it could be suggested that your relationship was influencing her answers it should be enough to cast doubt on the other guys story and thats all you need. Plead not guilt, get a solicitor and let them try and prove the case beyond reasonable doubt.

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Arrested for ABH

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