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granny grump | 20:05 Sat 19th Nov 2011 | Law
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GranddadG has been called for jury service. He wondered if he can make notes during the trial? I was called about 10 years ago but can't remember if I made notes or not

Can any one help please


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I think it's sort of expected, if I'm honest.
Yes he can (and indded should!).

He will be provided with a notebook and these will be collected by the jury bailiff at the end of each day and returned to the jurors the next morning.
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Thank you both
He certainly can.Having done it three times,I would advise that he does it,
to enable him to keep track of proceedings.
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thank you from one daftgrandad to another
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Thank you criminallawyer
When I did it a couple of years ago the note books were left on the bench in fron of us and they were still there when we returned.

You're not allowed to take them out but I can't remember if you are allowed to take them into the deliberation room.
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thank you cassa - he will know by now he went this morning
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GrandadG has just got back - He wasn't called today and he only took one book which he finished - I'll send him with a quiz tomorrow and I think he'll take a couple of books
Yes you can take notes, but they must remain in the court or in the Jury Room, even after the trial ends. They are then collected and destroyed.

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