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dylankirby | 19:44 Sat 19th Nov 2011 | Law
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I would like some advice about what sentence I am likely to recieve at crown court, for a mutilple fraud with a degree of planning, which totals £10,000. On the Sentencing guideline it says 26 weeks - 3 years.

I committed the offences 8 years ago, yes I know its a long time ago, thats due to the fact I went on the run from the police, but I handed myself in last year. I was 18 when I committed the offences, and young and stupid.

I now have a family now and children which is why I decided to hand myself in while my children were young and not old enough to miss me yet if anything happened to me, I had mutilple warrants out for my arrest but they have all been dealt with and in fact almost a year ago I was in magistrates (after I handed myself in) for a similar offence and only recieved a 1 year conditional discharge, to which I have stayed out of trouble and paid the compensation on time every month, which I asked the court to give me, for £1800.00.

So got interviewed for the offences I am going to court to for now, I addmitted them, magistrates committed it to crown court. I have had a pre sentence report done, and the person doing it said she can clearly see I have changed and has written me a report advising for a suspended sentence. Community service would not work as I am a full time carer for my very ill mother, which is documented and not made up, and will be shown to the court.

I have kept out of trouble for the past 8 years also, as well I will be asking the court for a full compensation order to be placed, and will be offering to pay the court £500 on the day that I had saved for Christmas as I really want to wipe the slate clean.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Just seen my Pre Sentence report, which suggests a suspended sentence, and that it would affect those around me more than it would affect me with a custodial sentence.
The judge will certainly take the pre-sentence report into consideration - that's what it's for - but is under no compunction to agree with it - see here: http://forum.unlock.o...f=26&m=4454&p=1&ord=d

Of course you're going to be worried, but there really is nothing you can do about it now. I would suggest that you assume the worst and make as much provision for that as possible...
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Hi Mark,

Yes I am aware that can happen of course it can, and what will happen will happen
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Please say a prayer for me tonight
Question Author
Well the morning has finally arrived where I prepare myself for court and today I will find out what will happen, I am praying in my head I will get no more than a suspended sentence, and hoping that the Judge will fully read all about my present circumstances, if I do come home I will update this.

Take Care and have A lovely xmas and new year.
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Was in court, and very thankful.

Sentenced to £100 Compensation, 6 months custodial suspended for 12 months.
that's a good outcome for you. thanks for getting back to us
and s0d all for the victims eh?

i shall not be celebrating for you!
Thats very harsh cath, dylankirby has taken full responsibility and had the best interests of his family in mind.

dylankirby, only just found this thread but I'm glad you got a good outcome :)
Cath .. That's a very judgemental OTT view, I must say.

Dylan may still wish to compensate them regardless.
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Thank you,

I am so happy I am now able to put this mess behind me, and put my family first. As it happens my Barrister offered the full amount to the court, and the Judge ruled it out, and could see I have changed in so many ways, and said he just want it to be put behind me now

I'm very glad for you and your family dylan, best wishes for the future :)
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you too, Many Thanks
Question Author
Thank you also AlBags
So glad to hear your result - a real incentive to continue your new ways. Good luck in the future.
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Most of you are very kind on here and non judgemental, really refreshing
whilst its great that you have changed and are showing remorse for your actions, i am not sure why the passage of a few years means you should not still be punished properly for your actions.
i am very surpised by your pretty feeble fine.

you planned what you did, it wasnt some youthful mistake because you fell in with a bad crowd.. and you enjoyed £10,000!
you say you have changed...yet you were in court for a similar offence only a year ago..!
... yeah sounds like you have really changed a lot...!

if i murdered someone and got away with it for 10 years, then was caught, would i be let of with a slapped wrist because it was ages ago and i've changed?

you have been very lucky this time.
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I was in court for a similar offence a year ago when I handed myself in to the police, to bring proceedings forward, both what I was in court for today and last year date back to 2003, as the Judge said I have actually kept out of trouble for 8 years.

The Judge said whilst he appreciates I offered full compensation, on my money it is just not really a good route to take. There are a lot of family circumstances that helped my case also.

He had said if I had of been in court back then I certainly would of had a custodial sentence.

He can see I have changed, and it is not in the public interest to waste money for someone that does not need imprisonment, and actually this did lead from falling in with the wrong crowd but thats something I do not wish to discuss publically but the court heard today.

I am glad he did make apparent straight away though to the CPS I was not going to have a custodial sentence today.
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Im sorry I was not punished enough to satisfy you Joko

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