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Dinger2 | 15:48 Sat 19th Nov 2011 | Law
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On a recent questionaire/declaration for c/tax.they say they will use information PROVIDED by third parties(including banking and mobile phone information) to verify the details you give. Is this legal? this is surely an infringement of the human right of privacy of whatever individual they are spying upon.I thought bank accounts were private and confidential with the possible exception of access by the inland revenue,whom have no connection with local councils. 1984 has come and gone,are we now in the age of secret police?


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yes, all new direct debits are scanned to match names on the council tax register, but only if you have applied for the benefit or the single person discount! this is a contract outside your bank account and isn't actually revealing your balance or other details!

they have done it for years ...
They are also 'in bed with' some of the main services suppliers .. like Electricity (so watch out)
This is due diligence, only people entitled to Council tax benefit should receive it.

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Council spying

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