Committing abh whilst on an 18 month suspended sentence for breaking a harrassment notice/order.

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Jenarry | 02:30 Tue 25th Oct 2011 | Law
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I may have posted something similar to this a few months ago but circumstances have changed a little.
my partner's ex had been harrassing my bf and myself a lot..mainly letters and hundreds of texts which included threats and so we took a harassment order out on her. she didn't take this seriously and so she soon broke the order.
Feeling as this was our only way of getting the ex to stop and as there had been threats we reported her and she was given a court date.
Unfortunately before this court date come around we were unlucky enough to run into her and she followed us and started hitting my bf then set on me causing some nasty scratches on my face(all in front of my son and their two sons..terrible)
We made a statement with the police and hoped they would follow it up quickly.
in the meantime her court date come up ,she made things difficult but eventually they gave her an 18 month suspended sentence.
the police have now decided to pursue the attack she made on us and it is going to court.
how are they likely to deal with her. because this attack happened before she was given the 18 month suspended sentence . will that be taken into account . i'm not quite sure how it will work or will it be taken that she hadn't been given that when she attacked us so it doesn't apply?.... tia


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I don't know, but I would have thought that the further attack would go against her.
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do you know i'm not too sure. i'll have to ask bf.
it's all a few months ago now. she attacked us in june, court date was in august and the police had really dragged their heels on the attack .they had told us they were going to drop it just a few weeks ago as there was no independent witnesses .. but there were actually 4 people that saw the whole thing as we had said in our statements.(i think the wpc who took the case on hadn't even read them! ) so now they have took statements from these people and it's going to court.
I'm so relieved. it was a horrible incident and it was awful thinking she would get away with it.

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Committing abh whilst on an 18 month suspended sentence for breaking a harrassment notice/order.

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