how do people feel about a law for spreading sti's/HIV (knowlingly)

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baggysenior | 12:21 Sun 23rd Oct 2011 | Law
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I have my own opinions on this matter, but i'm interested to know what people think. What are the pros and cons?


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people have already been prosecuted, so there are laws in place.
There are already law's inplace as people have already been prosecuted for it - wasn'nt it classed as attempted murder for the HIV?
Yep...someone was recently prosecuted. I think it was GBH...
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Hmmm, yes I think there should be for those of us that have self respect and dont sleep around, or at least respect for the partner and wear a jacket on it...its all about respect.
i cant see it ever being illegal to pass on STD^s !
It is illegal Anne.
too many men 'expect' a woman to have protection and they take it for granted...or just dont like wearing a condom, makes me sooo annoyed.
Its the knowingly bit that makes a difference
To pass on Sti's/Aids/Hiv knowingly is a criminal offence and the offender should be punished accordingly. The victim is being condemned to a slow death regarding Aids !
obviously HIV, but STD^s ?
Not necessarily these days with life expectancies extending well into the sixties... it may well be reclassified as a chronic condition eventually as therapies improve.
It's the difference between passing on an STD and KNOWINGLY passing one on anne I think. Things like genital herpes you have for a lifetime. Chlamydia can go unnoticed and cause a load of damage while it's at it. Hep B and Hec C etc... Not just HIV that is a life sentence.
Yes Anne. STD's as well. If a person knowingly has an STD and then has unprotected sex it's GBH.

HIV is not the only STD that causes damage.
i am aware that HIV is not the only STD............... but have there been any convictions where someone passed on an STD eg chlamydia ?
A recent case concerned a 14 month sentence for GBH for passing on Herpes - see a discussion of the issues here for more info
Convictions or not Anne, it's illegal.
many thanks, hc and iggy, very interesting.

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how do people feel about a law for spreading sti's/HIV (knowlingly)

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