can i move out at 16??

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stacey2000 | 21:03 Tue 13th Sep 2011 | Law
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Im 16 and live in liverpool. I can not stand where i live with my mum and dad, all we do is argue especially with my dad alls he does is really shout at me for the slightest things and i cant stand it much longer!! i was wondering can i move out to somebody elses house without their permission? on the connexions site it says they cannot force me to return anywhere i do not feel safe, and i feel that if i stay here i am going to have a nervous break down or something! all i ever feel here is depressed!! i am starting to cry all the time and not want to eat off feeling so depressed! help??? am i able to move out at 16 without my parents concent and without the police forcing me to come back home??


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duplicate post, answers on this one http://www.theanswerb.../Question1057024.html
Are you able to afford to live anywhere else at the age of 16? You would need money to live, would you not? Sorry I can not be of more help here.
At the age of 16 (in the UK) you have the right to walk out of your parents' home and never have any contact with them again. (NB: I'm definitely not recommending that as a course of action! I'm simply stating that it's your legal right to do so). If your parents were to report you as 'missing' to the police, and the police became aware of your whereabouts, they would not be permitted to tell your parents where you were (although they could tell them that they'd found you safe and well).

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thankyou VERY much for that... that has helped me ALOT :)
That is a bit extreme, Chris. Despite the very high cost of stamps I would at least send them a postcard and say "Having a wonderful time, wish you were NOT here".

That way they would know you were still alive.

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can i move out at 16??

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