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sbrown1450 | 17:42 Mon 22nd Aug 2011 | Law
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Can anyone help me with this conundrum.
My kitchen cabinet fell down, the screws were very small and when I rang my landlord he said he would send someone round to fix it, as the wall was bowed he said it wouldn't be classed as 'wear and tear' and he would bill me for it.
I told him I thought it was his place to fix things if they were broken and I didn't pull it down or anything.
Who is right and what can I do about it.
Thank you for your help.


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I would have thought it was His wall that was bowed, you didn't make the wall bow, so it's his responsibility.
If the Landlord has admitted that he new the wall was bowed then he should have taken this in to account when putting up the cabinet... including not using small screws. Is he implying you have caused the wall to bow? Bloody Landlords...
def his problem and his cost, it is a fault with the property the wall bowing and the small screws are inherent of the property, imagine it that had hurt someone. He's lucky its just as simple as a cabinet.
Personally I would have just fitted it back myself, it often saves a lot of problems and time doing your own repairs in rented accommodation and keeping the landlord in the dark.

But if it wasn't properly fixed then it would be his responsibility, did you keep any of the fixings to prove they were not up to the job?
Where can a private tenant go for arbitration in matters such as this?
Of course that link ^ would require the landlord or agency to be a member of the Service (just checked and mine isn't!)
You could try ringing Shelter as they can give you some legal advice on this sort of matter over the phone. I have always found them very helpful when dealing with landlord disputes in the past
its a structural defect. it has not been damaged by use or by mistreatment.

he is trying it on.

find something online an print it out relating to what a landlords responsibilities are.

i would also suggest to him you will bill him for a new tea set, new teapost, new plates and other crockery - that were all broken in the fall due to his inadequate fixings....werent they...?

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