Is there a law that requires a dog to be on a lead on a public right of way, or does it just have to be under 'close control'?

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pharaoh3103 | 12:01 Sat 20th Aug 2011 | Law
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The local farmer is getting stroppy!......please quote the legislation if you know it


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This site may help, it appears close control is enough, but your dog has only got to do the smallest thing wrong and you will be held liable.

If it is bothering the landowner then put the dog on a lead.

Basically if its on the public Highway it must be on a lead, if it is other public places it must be under control. Local by-laws may also be in force in your area.
What is the farmer objecting to?

remember if your dog bothers livestock the farmer has every right to shoot your dog.
Local farmer is getting stroppy. If it is HIS land he has a right to be. He could get stroppier with a shotgun.
why don't you want to put the dog on a lead?
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Thanks for your responses. It's not that I don't want to put the dog on a lead, the farmer believes that the dog has to be on a lead even when it's on a public right of way, in a field, with no livestock in the vicinity. I don't think he can legally enforce this.
That said, I completely understand that a dog mustn't worry livestock, and I need to clean up after it. I like to think I'm a responsible owner and of course I take the appropriate measures..I just think this farmer is making the law up as he goes along.
Thank again for your input
think this question is a brilliant example of the best of AB - a reasonable question and reasonable answers.
I smiled wryly reading these posts. Not long ago, whilst walking with friends and their little dog in Benfleet, a husky slipped its leash and savaged the little pooch. police were summoned during the vicious and prolonged attack - they would not come. It was reported to the local council -who would take no action ( we had details of the attack dog's owner).
SO it made me smile wryly to think any budder cared.

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Is there a law that requires a dog to be on a lead on a public right of way, or does it just have to be under 'close control'?

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