Change of surname.

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chinadog | 11:40 Wed 03rd Aug 2011 | Law
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It's been nearly 3 months since my OH left because he wanted to be single again and wanted a divorce. I saw my solicitor who advised me not to start divorce proceedings as OH is still paying the bills (mortgage paid). He also said as OH wants the divorce let him start the ball rolling so thats what Im doing. I dont want my married name anymore and want to revert back to my maiden name. I've just phoned the solicitors and it wil be £100. I've looked online and there's several places that do change of name by deed poll. Im wondering if these are trustworthy. Any thoughts on this please?


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I changed mine by statutory declaration years ago as Deed poll was too expensive,. but no idea about now.
You can call yourself what you like provided its not with intent to break the law. If you have your married name on a passport or other legal doc apart from the marriage cert itself, then you will need to keep a copy of your birth cert with the doc, you may want to change stuff like driving licence and passport but there is no need for deed poll.
I thought you could revert back.
I think you can just start calling yourself it, and putting an announcement in the paper.
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Thanks for your help all. So I can just go by my maiden name as from now? I would have to inform all relevant places like the bank and so on would'nt I? Would they accept my change of name without a copy? Im all mixed up sorry:-/
As long as at the end of it you have a peace of paper that states your old name that you are renouncing and what you will now be called. (Obviously it's put in the correct language)

The only thing you need is that peace of paper that has a legal stamp or signature.
NO YOU DON'T Pinkiepie.....jus go and talk to the bank, tell them you are reverting to your maiden name and show them your birth cert.
As it's YOUR bank account & any other account you have, simply fill in their relevant forms & call yourself what you like.

Sorry, I thought chinadog said that she DIDN'T Want her maiden name!
Pinkiepie :-)
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Yes its my bank account ron likewise my building society account. Thanks so much all of you I've got a better idea of things now. china.

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Change of surname.

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