Applying for Probate English Law

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THECORBYLOON | 22:37 Tue 17th May 2011 | Law
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The Probate Service has form PA1 to apply for probate http://www.hmcourts-s...inder/forms/pa1_e.pdf If there is no will and the deceased's children are all living, I am wonderng what reason there is for their insiting on asking about the number of the other relatives, as they would not benefit in this situation. Am I missing the point?


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As I understand it, if other relis can prove financial dependency on the deceased, or that a provable promise has been made, they may be entitled to a share of the estate.
It doesn't insist - it has a note:

Note: Sections B5 and B6 only need to be completed if the deceased had no relatives in Section B1 - B4.

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Applying for Probate English Law

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