driving licence coming up to expire.

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hannah40 | 11:56 Thu 31st Mar 2011 | Law
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how do i get another driving licence i have just noticed my picture licence is due up next month ,will i get sent a reminder?how much is it?do i need new photos?thanks.


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yes you need new photo,s and it cost me £20 you should get a reminder in the post but if not you can down load form from dvla website
You should get a reminder if you hav'nt changed address since original was issued- obvious I know.
But I think it costs £20 - and takes 4-6 weeks - you can get form from DLVA
4 - 6 weeks? If you live in the outer Hebrides, it takes 3 weeks and only longer *if* they need to check medical history or personal details
4 to 6 weeks????

I renewed mine a month ago and it was back within 7 days
OH renewed his last Fri, got it back this morning
they must improved their service if not there advice
lol, unless you forgot your glasses when reading their advice ;-)
It does say 3 weeks except for .....

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driving licence coming up to expire.

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