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FlowerPetal | 23:20 Fri 25th Mar 2011 | Law
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How do i go about making a complaint against Social Services?
My stepson and Us recently went through a tough patch together and Social Services was called in. They made a house call for their Initial Assessment and told us during the appointment that there was probably no need to keep the case open and that we probably wouldnt be seeing them again - BUT - she would have to go back to her superior to ask her advice. That was 2 weeks ago. I'd just like to add that the two officers that came out were a 20yr old student and a Social Worker's assistant!
Now, while I'm happy for an invesigation to be made (as we have nothing to hide), I object to finding out that the case had been closed from our Family Support Officer!! The Social Services have not yet contacted us personally to let us know that they have closed our case and I am FUMING!!
Please can somebody tell me what I can do?
FP xx


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When I had a complaint against Social Services I looked up the name of the Director of Social Services for the area on the internet and wrote to them personally, although it got passed to the complaints department to be sorted I knew that the person in charge was monitoring it. Amazing how quickly things got sorted
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Thanks Ubasses, I'll give that a go.
Hope things were sorted for you??
FP xx
Yes, my letter of complaint ran to 4 pages re the failings of the care in the home my mother was receiving and the problems I had getting her the funding she was entitled to during the 12 weeks her house was being sold. As she was cared for so badly we decided to move her into a care home under Drs advice and social services tried to avoid any responsibility. All my complaints were upheld and a cheque was received within days.
go to your local council website - ss will have a complaints service and it'll tell byou on there what to do. or ring them and ask to speak to the complaints manager
I'm not sure what the complaint is about here.

Surely your family support officer does work for social services and it seems entirely reasonable that the officer that works directly with your family is the one to inform you the case has been closed?

You seem to want to complain that you haven't been told twice the case is closed.

Apologies if I've misunderstood.
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Hi guys, Chuckfickens, My Family Support Officer works from within our local SureStart programe and so has nothing to do with our Social Services.
I'm complaining that the Social Services havent contacted us to let us know that the case has been closed.....i would have thought that we would have been first on their list to tell.
Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated
FP xx

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