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shaunl11 | 19:12 Mon 07th Feb 2011 | Criminal
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Hi, i am 24 years old and i am due to go to court in a weeks time after been charged for apparently beating up my mother. (Battery and criminal damage)
We had a falling out after she said that she wont help me with a place to stay after i get kicked out of my flat this week.
Things got heated and she started throwing her hands about when i told her to stop pointing in my face. i then kicked a vase that was on the floor and she hit me. i then pinned her down and told her to calm down but she startedkicking me. it then started in the kitchen where she picked up a knief off the counter so i wrestled it off her cutting my hand. i then smashed a roller blind off the door.
she is claiming that i stranggled her threw the vase at her and hit the roller blind off her arm. She says she has photographiv evidence taken by the police.
I agreed to kicking over and smashing a vase that was on the floor and smashing a roller blind off the door. but i did not hit her.
Where do i stand and whould i end up in prison and how long for?


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let's hope so.. give your poor mother a break.
Long enough for English lessons, I hope.
I don't blame your mother, from the info you've given us - we may not know the half of it but you were kicked out of a flat, why should she help you, and why should you get violent with her because she refused? You pinned her down, by your own admission, when you were in a temper, if you were kicking stuff round her house.
And throw away the key.
Unfortunately, it will be extremely difficult for you to claim that in your obvious 'rage' you still had enough self-control NOT to hit your Mum; especially when she will be saying that you you did.

You may be better advised to throw yourself on the mercy of the court, and accept that you have anger-control issues.

Can your legal team help you find any 'anger management' counsellors or courses ?
The court may take into account your obvious contrition if it is supported by real evidence that you are trying to sort yourself out.
"Where do i stand and whould i end up in prison and how long for?"

At the mercy of your poor Mum is the answer, matey.......up to her if she wants to pursue the matter to court etc.

Prison?..........highly unlikely just a bo lloc k ing from the judge of how to respect your mum

How Long?....Does'nt apply, but i'd give you a course in anger management against innocent vases...........did nothing to you now, did it?

Say sorry to your mum and that it wont happen her some flowers and go out for meal.....hopefully she'll sees ense and see it was a mad moment.

Good luck, Shaun :0)
missing 's' just nipped back from doggin'........'sense'
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I can see where you are all coming from and i understand. I do stand by what i say that i did not lay a finger on her to hurt her i only pinned her down to stop her hitting me.
I do have previous in the past as me and my brother have never got on over the years and we always fight and i was arrested in 2008 for common assault, which the officer did bring up.
One thing i can say is that i would never hit a women and in the past have put my self at risk to stop a women getting beaten up.
I can admit i can have anger issues.
"She says she has photographiv evidence taken by the police."

Was a bit lucky they were passing at the time eh?

Add Anger Management to Roller Blinds too.
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She phoned the police when i was outside of the house saying i was beating her up. she does like to go over the top with things sometimes and it wouldnt be the first time that she has made stuff up.
you're 24 and expect your mother to sort out your problems for you?

dear oh dear.
well I've been there, had my eldest son arrested for drawing blood and almost breaking my back, had him arrested, but the police seemed un willing to proceed as they said i would drop the charges later, this was 14 yeaqrs ago or so, he wasn't 24 but it was frightening for me and the 2 younger ones, he has had anger management too, you should request that,
It's the worst feeling, thinking your son hates you so much when it's really just that he was lost, nor coping and smoking cannabis, he's a different person now and so can you be shaun
Depends on your previous, at worse you could be charged with GBH/ABH at least you could get a caution.
Well if you get sent down you won't have any worries about somewhere else to live.
go to court and make a public apology to your mother in court in front of the magistrate and say it will never happen again. If you could also tell the court you have applied to/ would like to, go on an anger management course, and have details of the course to show you are genuinely remorseful, this will all go in your favour., you will need a lawyer to speak up for you but I would not call your mother a liar in court it wont help you.
lesson 1: when a womans angry LEAVE.
Naz stop being such an a$$ you dont know him or the circumstances
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Thank you for your replies, they are very much appreciated.

The most common reply seems to be admit your anger issues and get help, so think that may have to be done, as i do know i have them.

Sara3 - I wouldn't say i expected my mother to sort my problems out, I have been sorting them out and all things are moving forward to get my new place on Friday. i was asking my mother for a place to stay for a week till i get my new place instead of having to spend it on the streets, when i know she has the space and said previously she would like to help, but for some reason changed her mind.

Dotty - Thank you for your reply. As far as i'm aware she is pressing charges and I dont see that changing.
I would really say I need to change apart from my anger, but that is only when people treat me badly. Me and my mother have never had a good relationship since my parents split up around ten years ago, and my mother didn't like the fact I wanted to stay with my dad.
I am a very polite man and would do anyhing for anyone. I get on with work and university. I have done kickboxing for over 15 years.
The problem with losing my flat has only arose because i refused to pay my rent due to a flood in the flat which the landlord refuses to get fixed.
I will admit that I have been very stressed this year so far and it has brought out alot of anger and I understand it has to be ammended.
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*I wouldn't say*
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