Neighbours from hell recently moved in next door

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Hymie | 20:46 Wed 14th Apr 2010 | Criminal
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My new neighbours have wasted no time in making a nuisance of themselves. Yesterday, while I was in the garden, without warning my neighbour threw a bucket of water at me, and ran back indoors. The incident was captured on my home security cctv.

If I were to knock on my neighbour’s door and ask what the hell he is up to – I reckon it is a fair bet that I would end up being stabbed. Not wanting to be stabbed, I phoned the police and a few hours later a couple of community police officers turned up to investigate my complaint.

They listened to my account of events and viewed the cctv footage of the incident. I also mentioned other antisocial activities my neighbours had been up to, over the last few weeks. They did not take a statement, but said they would pass the details to the community beat officer who would contact me to take a statement etc. This evening the beat officer phoned me to advise that he was too busy to come and take a statement, but that he would do so sometime later in the week.

I’m not very happy at the police response, I think my neighbour might well throw another bucket of water at me, given the chance. A far as I am aware the police have not spoken to my neighbour about the incident. I am concerned that my local police will take no action, saying something like ‘it was only water thrown on you – you have suffered no physical injury, forget about it’.

Given that at least ¼ of the bucket of water hit me – what offence has my neighbour committed (assault & battery) – and what action should my local police be taking/charges against my neighbour?

Any advice on how I can encourage my local police to investigate this incident would be gratefully received.


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lol @ philkool (fart in the bath comment!!!!)
and i got more than a 1/4 of the bath water over me
Whilst ithe matter is clearly concerning for you I can see why it seems to be low on the police's priority list.

There must be a lot more to this if you really believe he is likely to stab you. What has happened previously to make you think this?

Is it privately owned housing , rented privately or council housing. If it's rented you could write to the council/landlord/housing association.

Can you put the footage on here?
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Think your neighbours would be moving back out just as quick as they moved in if they tried something similar with me but depends of course on the person that you are. Anyway
A) if you dont feel the action that was took by the police is to your satisfaction then GO into your local station & ask/demand to see an Inspector, or if you know the name of your area Inspector, see him as that would be slightly more useful (hopefully)

Explain all the situation ect ect and be clear about the exact action that you feel would be the most suitable and would be some form of satisfaction for you

Will add comment futher once you have responded to the above
Question Author
I have had my security cctv system for around 4 years, I installed it myself – reckon the whole system including 4 cameras cost less than £500.

How much would you pay someone to monitor your property 24 hours a day? Say you were willing to pay them £2 per day – the system will pay for itself in less than a year.

I cannot understand why a home owner would not have a cctv system installed

Mainly because not everyone has trouble with neighbours...

I would go to the station and ask to speak to someone. Just because they are too busy to comeout to you doesn't mean you can't go to them.

Take a copy of the cctv footage and the diary you should be keeping of the antisocial behaviour of the neighbours.

If you then get no help ask to speak to the senior officer etc.

At the end of the day don't sit on your bum and wqait for them.
There are two sides to everything .. we have only heard one : )
Question Author
The very first altercation with my new neighbour occurred soon after he moved in.
He had a bonfire in his garden, while I had my washing out. I collected in my ash covered washing, while my neighbour was out in his garden – I advised him, over the garden fence, that the local bylaws do not permit bonfires in the area. His response to this was expletives and telling me who is going to stop him (having a bonfire).

He regularly plays loud music, until the early hours – I have not called round to ask if he would like to listen to his sound system in my house (at times it is louder than I would normally have the volume on my TV).

I complained to my local council with regards the bonfire incident, and the playing of loud music. Maybe my council has advised him who has complained about his behaviour. But even if they did not advise who had complained – it would not take a genius to work out who had complained.

I suspect the complaints to my council has precipitated his throwing of the bucket of water at me – but I’m not about to call round and ask him.
And from that you think he might stab you?

That's a bit dramatic isn't it?
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So basically there was one incident with the fire, and apart from that he plays loud music?
It sounds as though you have appraoched him in quite a hostile way in the first place. If you were upset about your washing why not just tell him that?
Did you speak to him about the music or just go straight to making complaints about him?
I have to agree with others that having your own CCTV suggests you are quite paranoid about the issue.
Surley your time would be better spent talking to your neighbour about any problems rather than starting some sort of feud? Nothing you have said so far indicates that he would stab you if you did.
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I do not live in a wealthy area (terraced housing), and don’t have anything of particular value – other than normal everyday possessions. Within the last year, two houses nearby have been targeted by thieves, operating a house clearance policy. The police believe that the gang(s) check out the house-holds, checking up on what times the owners go to work, leaving their property empty. These thieves have then turned up with a truck to take the stuff away.

Such thieves could target my house, and there is not a lot I could do to stop them. I don’t even think my security alarm would unduly worry such thieves. But I personally doubt these people want any image of them, at all, captured on a cctv system.

You might think I am paranoid, but I don’t think the house clearance thieves will be targeting me.
Take them a cake or some cookies, try becoming 'friends' with them. They might not see you as a threat then.

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Neighbours from hell recently moved in next door

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