Forging signature to reclaim PPI in someone elses name

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tgm1974 | 09:09 Mon 15th Feb 2010 | Criminal
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My partner has been divorced from his ex wife for 2 yrs now.

He is trying to get his finances into order and went into the house yesterday, whilst she was at work to avoid any conflict, to get all his pension papers, copies of endowment policies, etc. He is not completely trusting of her.

Anyway, he came back with a few pieces of paper and when I looked through them there was a letter regards reclaiming PPI on a loan that was in both their names. He knows nothing about this but Ive done the same reclaiming myself so know a little bit of what goes on. He has never seen any of this £1601.00 that she was successful in claiming back but Im adament that both of them would have signed the claim forms ...... hence she has definitely forged his signature. The orginial letter from the "reclaiming company" was just addressed to my partner at the old address and at the moment he doesnt know if it is just the loan they had in joint names that she has made a claim about or if there are any further claims in just his name - this is a big possibility!

If this was you, what would you do - leave it, take it the police ... use it to put her in a corner to make her pay him off for part the value of their house (which he wants).

She is very money minded, spoilt when she was young (an only child) and never worked when they were together (always spent what he brought home whether £300 a week or £1000 a week). She has filtered money from his old company ....... and this just the nail in the coffin for my partner.


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I assume he has a key to his ex- wife's house and didn't break in and steal teh documents?

I'm puzzled by your statements that " Im adament that both of them would have signed the claim forms ...... hence she has definitely forged his signature ". The statements seem contracdictory.

Has your partner said he definitely did not sign the form. If she did forge it that would be fraud. But did your partner pay the loan and PPI or did she pay it?

Anyway, was this covered in any way in the divorce settlement? And what about the money you/he now wants from the house. Was there asettlemnt on this? were solicitors involved?
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Yes my partner still has a key to his old property along with his name still being on the deeds, so its still his house. If she was that bothered about him coming into the house then she should have changed the locks.

I have just found out from the company concerned that two signatures were given to accept this claim offer. HE HAS NOT SIGNED ANYTHING so she has DEFINITELY forged his signature. The loan was in joint names, paid from the joint account, etc so they should both benefit from the CQ, dont you agree?

What penalty does fraud take, does anyone know??

The divorce was sorted between them - the relevant documents collected, filled in by my partner, nothing mentioned re children or money ... they would sort that side of things at a later date as things were amicable then ..... NO SOLICITORS involved
It's £1,600.....not worth it.
Well if no agreement was drawn up at the time I think it's going to be difficult to sort out things like the house. I think you either have to leave it to your partner to sort out or else you will forever tie yourself in knots over things. I'm not sure why you are so interested in the penalty for fraud - I wonder whether iyou'd like to see the ex-wife in prison out of the way.
And all that stuff about her being spolt as a child doesn't affect entitlements.
Let your partner sort it out- that's my suggestion, or the worry will put the final nail in your coffin not his.
good luck.
As Factor said....not worth it.
Question Author
The £1600.00 is only what we found last night and there may be more .... she has taken money from his business in the past without him knowing so she is more than two faced to do this!
Perhaps with hindsight a solicitor should have been used and a settlement documented
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The interest is all my partners - Im putting this to here for advice before seeking full legal advice. Just to see what people know at the moment.

Im not implying cos she was spoilt as a child that she did this but to steal from someone for no reason but self gain is pathetic to me ... she has done it once before, now this ........ what will she do in the future when it comes to cashing in THEIR endowment policy!!!???

He is totally disgusted in her behaviour and Ive even had to restrain him from going around and physically assaulting her with rage!
You haven't had much experience of divorce cases, tgm! This is very small beer.Your friend's solicitor issues , probably already has issued, a detailed enquiry about the wife's expenses, income, assets, investments, bank accounts,potential future income, support from other sources, interests (whether held by nominees and in this country or not) can go on forever. It's adapted to the requirements of each case but is still demanding.Such an enquiry is always made when matrimonial property and finances are considered. How else are the two sides and the court to know what is involved ?

Your friend should show the documents to his solicitor, so questions can be asked.Fraud,? Be realistic. It's a divorce. Your friend wants a proper settlement. The court can achieve that for him. Perjury about property etc (non-disclosure of income , lying about assets and so forth ) is a serious matter.The judge will deal with it.In an extreme case the judge may refer the case to the CPS but that's rare. The judge is more likely to decide far more favourably for the other party and disbelieve most of what the false party says on other things too...
Hi Fredpuli- tgm1974 has said no solicitors have been involved:
"The divorce was sorted between them - the relevant documents collected, filled in by my partner, nothing mentioned re children or money ... they would sort that side of things at a later date as things were amicable then ..... NO SOLICITORS involved"
Well, factor, they ought to be ! I've known two couples settle matrimonial property amicably between themseves but a) both parties were lawyers and b) both had legal advice at the outset so they had some broad idea what they should agree to, to produce a fair result and avoid any risk of one discovering later that they'd agreed to give up far more than they should, and suddenly deciding to try to reopen the case.
Totally agree fredpuli. Without a documented formal agreement I foresee many years of disputes and bad-feeling between tgm1974, his ex and his partner
£1,600 may be 'small beer' to some but to the criminal courts the amount would be considered substantial and fraud is taken seriously. If the ex-wife has forged a signature and you can prove it i.e. by getting a copy of the form go to the police. Don't take no for an answer get them to investigate.
Question Author
Thank you FACTOR for highlighting "NO SOLICITORS" invovled.

We have gained the proof we need this morning via the post and "hey presto" .... so obviously not his signature. WATCH THIS SPACE!
Do let us know, tgm. What do you hope will happen ?

Has your partner some dislike of taking advice from professionals who deal with matters like this in their daily lives ? You put 'no solicitors' in capitals, which suggested none was needed by you in the evidence gathering, but it seems you needed our advice what to with that evidence. Well,that may be better than nothing, but what's happened, or is happening, to the house and other matrimonal assets which the couple had (and have). Have you considered what surprises may be in store when the ex knows fully what she can claim? What advice will your partner take when the serious flak starts flying ? Ours ? Or is he to go on trusting to his own knowledge of the law and practice ?
Question Author
Well he has just landed at the house as we speak! Cant wait to see if he finds anything more.

My partner will take this further re Police and Solicitors when he has collated his evidence. Til then he cant really do anything without concrete proof. We have a solicitor and police friend so we have a basic idea of what penalty or events could happen if he pursues but I wanted to put the question out there to see what others thought or had experienced.

The "NO SOLICITORS" was when they divorced. They just filled in the relevant paperwork and signed it off ... all done and dusted within months. At that stage they were amicable but as time has gone on this information has all come to light. I did emphasise the need for professionals but you cant make people do things that you would!

His ex partner agreed to sell the house or buy him out when she moved onto a new relationship - she has backed up on her word. She is now using the children as the reason she is entitled to stay but this law no longer applies especially when the mortgage on the house has been paid off years ago, and she could buy him out and buy another house without having a new mortgage.

All surprises have come from her ..... trusting as she said she wanted him to be. A true lesson has been learnt and look whats happening now.

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Forging signature to reclaim PPI in someone elses name

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