what is a pre trial review???

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bubbly2000 | 20:17 Sat 13th Feb 2010 | Criminal
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A date has been set for a trial at crown court, but a letter has been recieved advising that the case has been listed for a pre trial review a week before the original trial date. What is a pre trial review, and why is it an offence if you don't attend with the risk of being arrested??????


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And just to add a little about non attendance:

Often defendants are excused attendance at pre-trial reviews because there is not much they can add to the proceedings. However, if you are required to attend your bail (assuming you are on bail and not in custody) will be extended only to that date. If you do not attend you will commit an offence under the Bail Act.
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the letter stated it was to go through evidence etc and also to check the availability of witnesses. I have been lead to believe I am a witness for the defence, will they let me know if and on what day I am to attend court. The trial sterts mon 22 feb, I havn't heard anything yet. It is my partner who stands trial.
So you'll be wanting to go anyway, then.
They call it Case Management in the court listings these days, I think...
They listen to arguments about bail conditions, etc and timeline for case proper. Maybe 5-10 minutes.
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do u mean the pre trial review will only take about 10 mins?? If I am a witness I wont be allowed in court, I was just wondering when the powers that be will let me know as its only 4 days from now.
The Case Management hearing will probably take minutes, yes.
No pleas have been made in court yet, I take it?
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there was a preliminary hearing a few wks ago with trial being set by the judge for 22nd feb. pre-trial hearing is tomorrow, no plea has yet been entered but barrister has advised to plea not guilty, which I assume will be asked in court on monday. Will they say tomorrow if i will be needed as a witness

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what is a pre trial review???

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