I have recently been charged with a section 39! Assault by beating

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pele007 | 18:12 Wed 16th Dec 2009 | Criminal
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After a night out me and 2 of my mates (who are black in race) wer walking home after the club with two girls ( who are white in race) who wer our mates from uni! On our way home there wer 2 guys hangin out on the road side who u cud tell wer up to no good... This 2 girls i was walking with wer a little far behind so i cudnt really see what was goin on...
The girl runs up to me in disgust and said you wouldnt believe how rascist those 2 guys are!! She said one of the guys flicked his cigarette at her and was sayin all sort of rascit things like u *** wat u duin with them f****ng *** and so on... I then walked back to this guys to c wat they had against black people, when i got ther the guy started racially abusing me to my face. One of my mates seen this happenin and came over . As i continued to ask this two guys wat they have against black people one of the guys punched me and the other rugby tackled my mate to the floor, then we started fightin! My other mate who was tryna get a taxi runs down and tryes pushing the guy of my other mate but he attacks him as well.. The 2 guys ended up geatin beatin up and then the police arrived.. None of us resisted aresst...
The two guys knowing they wer wrong said they dnt wona press charges and wudnt give thier name or any information...
We wer first charged for affray but charges wer droped as the other guys werent arrested and now they are charging each one of us for two counts of assualt by beating two unkown persons..
The police man apparently is the one pressing charges..
Ther is no CCtv evidence from the site, there are no victims cuz they are uknown ther is only apparently a witness....
This is my first offence and i was wondering if we have a good chance of winning this case in court?
And if we dnt wat to expect?


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Jesus wept, you go to university and you write like that?

I hope someone comes along to help you soon as frankly my eyes glazed over at the first "wer".
In gamer forum;dr (too long didn't read) or WOT!!!(wall of text).

Try breaking this down into paragraphs and using a spell checker,i'm not being a grammar nazi here it is just that the post in it's current format is very hard to understand.
Question Author
Its called short hand lool!!!
I can write properly if i wanted to but would take ages!!
I don't want your advice on my English speaking skills but the matter at hand!
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But in order to have your post taken seriously and understood pele, it's rather helpful if people can read it!
Question Author
Okay I would re-write the whole thing properly!!!
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''it's dark in this room''

Turn the lights on then you tight @rse...
"I then walked back to this guys to c wat they had against black people"

And that was where it all went wrong.

That sentence should have read ...

"I told the girls to pay no attention to ignorant people like that, and we carried on our way"
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