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benjani85 | 23:32 Sun 11th Oct 2009 | Criminal
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Around about 3 months ago my brother was found guilty of 4 counts of Fraud with several other offences taken into consideration. Basically it went about as good as he could of hoped and he was given a 2 year suspended sentence, 200 hours of unpaid work and also confiscation/compensation orders. The confiscation order was nominal fee of £1 due to him having no assets and the compensation order was £100 a month for 2 years. It served him in good stead that he was always honest with the Police, is in full time employment and sending him to Prison would of served no real purpose. He also showed lots of remorse and there were several mitigating factors. Plus he was of previous 'good character'.

Anyway. He was basically selling concert tickets on eBay and despite successfully dealing on there for several years towards the end and coupled with a severe gambling addiction he did not provide tickets and was charged with 'deception' as he sent false booking forms etc etc to a number of people for tickets he was never going to be able to provide. The case rumbled on for ages and ages but eventually settled back in July 09.

Anyway. Recently he has admitted to us and the rest of the family (in attempt to get everything sorted in his life and turn the corner so to speak) that a few months before he was sentenced that he had sold more tickets that he was not able to provide - around March/April 2009. As they were tickets sold in ADVANCE of the events it is only recently that these few people have complained as the concerts/festivals etc have just passed and is extremely worried about the consequences.

What should we do about the situation? Should we speak to the Police voluntarily? Sadly we are in no position to refund these 6 or 7 people. Do these 'new' offences count so to speak? As they occured BEFORE he was sentenced and were exactly the same as the ones he was charged/sentenced with committing. i.e. he has kept his nose


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How much is into these people for? Perhaps he should take this head on, contact the people and say he will repay them as soon as he is able. If these were offences that were not take into account at his trial, he will still be answerable for them and the court may not be as generous if they thought he had been cooperative on the cases he had been caught out for, but not the ones that nobody knew about. I don't know the answer, but it strikes me that doing nothing is not an option.
If you really want to help him, borrow the money and pay these 7 people off, after holding him down and finding out what other shocks are coming down the pipeline.

Make him repay you when he is able.
If he is charged with these further offences he will more than likely have the suspended sentence evoked so he can expect to go to goal

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Fraud Offences

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